Wednesday, July 24

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 4 - What's the Last Book You Flung Across the Room?

Hey guys,
I was having blog and computer issues the last few days so have been unable to do this so I'm back on it with Day 4:

What's the last book you flung across the room?

Well I try my very best not to fling books because I'm too OCD and there was only one book that I physically did that to I mean I literally flung my Kindle at the wall. What was it you ask?

I was so flipping angry with this book and what happened in it. I seriously couldn't help it. I genuinelly freaked out. It gave me a mental breakdown and I genuinelly did throw my kindle across the room.

Yes I have read the last one Clockwork Princess and if it hadn't been a beautiful Hardback that I didn't want to harm I wouldn't have just thrown it across the room and have thrown it in the damn fire. I am furious at CC for this series. I HATED the ending like seriously hated it so much I have second thoughts about ever picking up anything by her ever again. I am still angry about it and NO i don't wanna talk about it because I will just get myself worked up about it all over again!

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