Thursday, July 18

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 3 - Who Are Your Blogging BFFs?

My Blogging BFFs

Okay this one is really hard for me as I have so many blogging friends and it would just take hours for me to post about all of them so here are my top BFFs... please forgive me if I have forgotten you.

Jana is my girl. I just adore her! She is the best, sweetest person to talk to and she just completely fangirls over books just like me so we get on really well. I adore her and she is one of the first people I talk to about books.

Tee was possibly my first ever bookish friend way back before I even started blogging. I met her via Goodreads (I think! I've known her so long I can't even remember!) I just love her to pieces and we talk at least one a day, every day. I love her to pieces. 

Brooke is my girl. We talk every day without fail! She isn't just one of my Blogging BFFs she is one of my BFFs full stop! I talk to Brooke about everything. Seriously everything. She is just the coolest person ever and if I don't speak to her by dinner time (my time) lunch time (her time) I'm like Hey I MUST email Brooke. Even if I don't really have anything to say I just have to email her just to say hi!

Julie is my fangirling partner in crime. I love her just so much. She is amazing! She is also one of the only people I actually trust to borrow my books too. LOVE HER!

Bekah is my bestie who I bug all the time to see when she's going back home next so we can go book shopping. She's my book addiction partner in crime who no matter whether I'm on a book buying ban she still convinces me to buy books anyway.

I LOVE Jenny so much. She is amazing and is the blogger that lives closest to me. Me and Jenny actually knew each other when we were kids as we went to the same Dance School. It was kinda weird when we found out. She is my girl to go book shopping with, go to signings with and to go see the latest book-to-movie adaptation. 

Tyler is just awesome. I adore her and I love discussing books with her. It's so great to find someone who is as excitable as you are about books and as kinda crazy in a fun OCD 'nobody touch my books' kind of way.

And Finally...
Val is the most awesomesauce person ever! I just adore her. We connected over JLA... yeah my fave author ever so we were instant friends. I love her to pieces. She is just the coolest more awesome person EVER!


  1. <3 you, too, young lady.

  2. Awww love ya back blogger BFF! When we both have JLA as our fav author, how can we not be friends? Thanks girl. :D

  3. Girl, I so love you! You rock my socks, for sure. I am so glad that we are friends. I could not ask for someone more genuine and fun! MWAH!


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