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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 1 - Make 15 Book Related Confessions

Hey Guys,
So I saw this over on Tyler's blog The Reading Pile and thought that it looked really fun so wanted to join it.

So today is...
Make 15 Book Related Confessions:

1. My Reading Habits Didn't Start Until I Was In College
I always loved reading when I was younger but never really read for fun out of school at all. I would love the times my Mum would read me stories but for me personally I didn't start reading until I was actually in college and I took English Literature and we were given a reading list of books to check out. I started to read a few of them and I have never looked back since.

2. I Adore Chick-Lit
It's true. My favourite genre of all time has to be chick-lit. I just adore it. It's thanks to my two favourite chick-lit authors that I actually have a blog and am a reader. Referring back to my first confession, when I was in college there was two particular books on there that I read. PS, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern and Lucy in the Sky by Paige Toon. I fell in love with both books but I have to say that Lucy in the Sky was just the book that hooked me and had my wanting to read more. I am obsessed with Chick Lit books and I have read all of Cecelia Ahern's novels and am currently halfway through Paige Toon's. For me Chick Lit is not only my go-to in the summer as I just want to read chick-lit in the summer but if I don't know what to read or am in a bit of a reading rut this is my go-to Genre.

3. I HATE The Book That Got Me Into Paranormal

Yes you heard me right. When I was in college I picked up a certain Paranormal Romance book after a friend had suggested it to me. You may have heard of the little book called Twilight. When I first read it I loved it. I thought it was fantastic and that started my love of Paranormal books. I just had to go out and find more and it is thanks to Twilight that I discovered a lot of my favourite series including Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments. However the more I read the more I look back and go 'Actually Twilight isn't really that good' Now I find it boring and annoying where barely anything happens and the characters are pathetic. Add that to the fact that the movie adaptations are the worst movie adaptations of a book I have ever seen with the worst actor as the main guy EVER I HATE IT!

4. I Am A Sucker For Movie Adaptations

It's true no matter what it is I love movie adaptations. Even though the reality of it is that at the end of the movie I was sit and pick faults and name every single thing that wasn't the same as the book. I know because I will have re-read the book the same week I see the movie. Never EVER see the movie without reading the book first. It's just a huge no-no. But I still love them and will go see them no matter what.

5. I Keep My Favourite Authors Books Seperate

To me my favourite author, Jennifer L Armentrout's books are too special to go in with all of my other books. They have their own dedicated shelf on my bookcase and nothing else can go on there other than hers. And I have multiple copies of each one and will not part with them.

6. I am OCD... No Joke, Really!

I genuinelly suffer from OCD. Not with cleanliness but with tidiness and this definitely comes into my book collection. All of my books must be in order on my shelf. They are organised by Authors last name and they must be sorted into series order... and if they are not a series or there is more than one series that must be in publication order, oldest to newest. You must never EVER dog-ear books, that is like a crime. Same goes for the spine. You can't fold the front cover round the back while reading because it breaks the spine. Just NO! If there is any fault with the book a new copy must be bought to replace it! I can't have a series with some books in Hardback and some in Paperback. All must be in one or the other. I have a seperate bookcase for my Hardback books. I cannot mix them in with the paperbacks because it looks too strange. The only shelf that has a mix of the two is my Jennifer L Armentrout shelf and the hardbacks go first because they are tallest. 

7. I Buy Books When I Haven't Even Started The Series Yet

Yes. I may have been bought a book as a gift or even bought it myself but when the next in the series comes out I have to buy it regardless of whether I have read the first one or not. I think currently on my bookshelf I have about 7 series on my shelf where I have all of the books to date but have yet to read the first one. It doesn't matter if I don't like the series I need the books there incase I do so I can read them right through.

8. I Am A Book Snob

It's true. I am a reading snob. There are only certain genres that I will read and I pretty much snub others. I am open minded and am willing to try new genres but some are just far too out of my comfort zone that I will never ever try them and I think that makes me kind of a book snob. One of those genrs used to be Historical. I never had any interest in reading any historical at all until I read the YA novel My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century by Rachel Harris which I dubbed as the historical novel for people who don't like historical. It really opened my eyes and now watching the TV Show The White Queen I am about to start my first full Adult Historical novel. So maybe I'm not as much of a book snob as I was but still I won't go near certain genres (crime, murder mystery etc) books if you paid me!

9. I Re-Buy Books I Already Have

I do this all the time. One of my OCD craziness is that all of my covers have GOT to match. It just makes me shudder thinking of not matching covers. So what do publishers ALWAYS DO? Republish the series with all new covers. Now if the series is finished already that's fine I am fine keeping my set because they all match but if the series isn't finished? Well then when the new ones come out the covers aren't going to match and that I can't handle. So I buy them all again regardless of whether I have read them or not.
Also with ebooks. If I read an ebook on my kindle/iPad and I really love it, I will buy it again in paperback just so I can have it on my shelf. It doesn't matter that I already have it on my kindle I want the paperbacks as well. 

10. I am a Cover Whore

As you can probably tell from the last confession I am a complete cover whore. If I don't like a cover of a book I want to read but another country has the cover I like then I will pay double the amount of the book to get the cover I like. If I hear of a book that I think sounds good but has a horrible cover I won't buy it. I want nice covers of my shelves only. Same goes the other way. I have bought hundreds of books when I know absolutely nothing about them just because I love the cover. Turns out some of these are the worst books I've ever read but I didn't care because the cover was pretty.

11. I Have Only Ever Been To 1 Book Signing

I have almost 60 signed books. But I have only ever been to one book signing. I live in Teesside in the North East of England and barely any authors come here... like EVER. I managed to go to my first ever book signing a few months ago. Rachel Caine, author of the Morganville Vampires Series, came here and it was the best day of my life. She is the only author I have ever met.

12. I'm A Total Book Pimp

It's true. I am a book pimp. If I read a book I love so much then I won't only recommend it to friends I will bug them and bug them and bug them to read it. I just go on and on and on about these books and pimp them out so bad until all of my friends just go "Okay I'll read it just to shut you up" I'm a book pimp and proud of it!

13. I Re-Read Even Though I Have Hundreds of Unread Books

Yes it's true. I have hundreds of books to read yet I still re-read books. Every. Year! My most read book is Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout which I have read 10 times in total I think. I lost count after the 7th read. I will be re-reading this one again next month, along with the others in the series, before the next book is released.

14. I Am Too Emotionally Attached

Fictional stories and characters are far from fictional to me. Books break my heart. Pretty much every book I read has me experiencing everything and feeling like it is real and these characters are my best friends and they break my damn heart! Many times I have been an absolute mess, heartbroken and sobbing when reading. I become far too emotionally attached.

15. Books Make Me Unsocial... And I Love It!

I am so unsocial. I barely ever go out with my friends. I have the odd night out with them but deep down I am a total home bird and what would I rather do go out in the freezing cold at night or sit at home with a blanket and a book? Is that a trick question? Book wins hands-down. I try to be social... I do. But even when I'm being social I'll sit there quietly just thinking to myself "OMG I wonder what is going to happen in my book". I'm a total book nerd and proud of it. It makes me unsocial but hey I can deal. I'd much rather sit at home with my latest book boyfriend anyway.

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  1. I can vouch for number 12! I only started reading Obsidian because of you, now I'm obsessed and I've read them all xD Can't wait for Origin! and yeah, you're right - this was totally full of crazy ;)


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