Wednesday, July 17

15 Day Book Blogger Challege: Day 2 - What's Your Bedtime Reading Ritual?

What's Your Bedtime Reading Ritual?

Well this is going to be short and sweet because I don't actually read at bedtime. 
I tend to do my normal bedtime ritual of my beauty stuff like taking off my makeup, putting on my special Simple Eye Cream as I have really dry skin near my eyes, brushing my teeth and things like that I tend to just lay in bed and watch some TV while checking out Facebook and Twitter on my iPad.

In the very rare cases that I read at bedtime, I tend to do all of the above and settle down in bed with my book and read until I am so tired I'm falling asleep. I am not one of these readers who really stays up till stupid-o'clock-in-the-morning finishing a book. I have only done that one or two times and both times it was a Jennifer L Armentrout book. I don't do it often as I do not function if I don't get enough sleep and when I get tired my eyes start to blur and ache so I can't read when I am really tired.

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