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Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 Best Books I've Read So Far in 2013

Hey Guys,
So I've been a fan of this meme for a while and have always loved checking out the other bloggers posts so I finally decided to join in. I love making lists, especially about books so this is the perfect meme for me to do.

Check out the origin of Top Ten Tuesday over at The Broke and the Bookish.

Okay so this week's topic is....

Top Ten Best Books Read So Far in 2013

Man... this is a toughy for me. I've read quite a few awesome books so far this year. I have ended up narrowing it down to my Top 5* Rating books and then only allowing one book per author... which was really tough since I've read a few from my favorite authors.

So I really couldn't put these in any particular order so to satisfy my OCD I just went with Alphabetical Order.

The Collector (Dante Walker #1) by Victoria Scott

I just loved this book. Typical bad boy, inperfect good girl and add in some swoon worthy scenes and a dash of demons and devilish fun... what's not to love?

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2) by Sarah J. Maas

I fell head over heels in love with the first one last year and this one just blew me away and left me dying, mouth gaping. This is just so much better than the first installment and I literally could not put it down. I am obsessed with this series. I adore it. It's an addictive must-read.

Dare You To (Pushing the Limits #2) by Katie McGarry

I am just completely in love with Katie McGarry. She is one of my all time favourite authors and Dare You To was just incredible. A perfect YA Contemp that will take over your life. And it's Bad Girl meets Good Guy... a incredible twist on the YA Contemp Genre.

Darker Days (The Darker Agency #1) by Jus Accardo

I literally finished this a few days ago and it was incredible. I am a massive fan of Jus' Denezen series so couldn't wait to read this one. It has everything you want in a series. A swoon-worthy guy with just a dash of dangerous, a kick-ass yet hilarious heroine that will have you laughing your ass off all the way through along with some action and a tough of mystery! Oh yeah and the Seven Deadly Sins.... LOVE!

The Elite (The Selection #2) by Kiera Cass

Ahh I have so many feels for this book. I love this series. It brings out my inner child dreaming about Prince's and Princesses. This is a great dystopia series that I am just in love with and The Elite blew my socks off! 

Faking It (Losing It #2) by Cora Carmack

Naturally I had to have my girl Cora in here. I absolutely loved Losing It and Faking It does not dissapoint. I loved reading Cade's story so much. I had loved him in Losing It and I loved him even more in this one. This NA Contemp just stole my heart. With the Bad Girl meets Good Guy it was amazing. It's sweet and sexy and just all round phenomenal!

Fireblood (Fireblood #1) by Trisha Wolfe

I refuse to say much about this so not to spoil. I had the pleasure of being able to beta read this for Trisha and let me say it's just amazing! This perfect mix of dytopia and fantasy blew me away. Trisha is one of my all time favourite authors and this is definitely my favourite book of hers.

Sweet Peril (The Sweet Trilogy #2) by Wendy Higgins

To explain why this is in my Top 10 only one word is needed:


The Testing (The Testing #1) by Joelle Charbonneau

This is one of those incredible unique dystopia novels you come across once in a while and it completely possesses you and takes over your life. Read this book in one sitting. My favourite dystopia of all time.

Wait For You (Wait For You #1) by J. Lynn

J. Lynn's first NA Contemporary Romance novel just stole my breath and my heart. It took me so long to decide which JLA book to put in here but it just had to be Wait For You. This book has such a deep and meaningful message behind it and I found this book so inspirational and uplifting. I loved every moment of it and it is the one of JLA's books that the meaning behind it has stayed with me no matter how long it is since I read it.

So that's it...
My Top 10 Best Books Read in 2013 so far...

what are yours?

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  1. Jessica Mangicaro25 June 2013 at 15:09

    So many great ones! I have Dare You To on my list also, and I came so close to putting Faking It! Loved Wait For You and The Collector also! So jealous you already got to read Crown of Midnight (I'm so excited for that one!) Great list Kayleigh!

    My TTT

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

  2. Veronica Morfi25 June 2013 at 15:25

    All of these are on my TBR, great to see the are so good that they made your top 10 list. :)

    My TTT

  3. Nice list! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Hollie @ Music Books and Tea25 June 2013 at 17:51

    I have The Elite on my TBR pile, so seeing it on your list makes me excited to read it! I can't wait to read Dare You To, I loved Pushing the Limits and heard that this one is even better, so I'm desperate to find the time to read it!

    My Top Ten

  5. Allison Rivera25 June 2013 at 18:07

    So many great books! I have Faking It, Wait For You and The Collector on my list! Those were great! I'm starting The Selection so hopefully I will get to the second one soon! Great list! <3 Btw love all the JLA books you have up there!

    My TTT

    Allison @ Book Fixation


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