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Are you ready.... To Support the YA Crush Tourney?

Hey Guys,
If you have followed me for a while you will probably know that I am a huge fan of the YA Sisterhood. They are such a fantastic blog and great blogging friends of mine. Their YA Crush Tourney is an annual thing and I just adore following it every year.

Last year I was incredibly lucky to be chosen as an Advocate for my favourite author Jennifer L Armentrouts, amazing Aiden from the Covenant series. I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of the YA Crush Tourney and it was an incredible experience fighting for my favourite boy. As soon as nominations began this year I knew I wanted in on the fun again. I love being an advoacte and I am so excited to have been chosen as an advocate yet again this year.

Before I go on I just need to say the most enormous thank you to YA Sisterhood for allowing me to be a part of the Tourney again this year! I won't let you girls down... I hope!


Now, I was dying to find out if I had been chosen as an Advocate this year and if I had who would be my Boy this year?
Well it is fair to say that when I  found out I didn't only squeal. I squealed, cried a little with joy and then continued on to jump up and down screaming I was so excited.
Why you ask?
Because I happened to be given one of my favourite book boys EVER from one of my favourite series EVER by one of my favourite authors EVER!

I am so excited and thrilled to announce that I will be advocating the amazing.... best snarky and swoony bad boy ever.... Kaidan Rowe from Wendy Higgin's PHENOMENAL The Sweet Trilogy.
I have so much love for these books, Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril are available now so if you haven't yet read them go get them now.

Made by Isa @ Book Soulmates
There will be an insane amount of awesome things coming from #TeamKaidan not only from me and Wendy but from my awesome Kaidan Street Team.
Yes there is a street team completely dedicated to helping Kaidan win the YA Crush Tourney. Want to help? Click my contact tab at the top and send me an email.

Now Team Kaidan?
Want some pure lustful sexiness for your blog? Check out the amazing buttons I have!
Note: I haven't made them into grab the code buttons purely because I don't have time to. If you want to grab them you can save them from this post or email or tweet me and I will send you them!

Both Created by Isa @ Book Soulmates

All 4 Created by iHeartBigBooks

I am so incredibly excited for the Tourney to start so I huge thank you goes out to YA Sisterhood. 
To Isa @ Book Soulmates and Christine @ iHeartBigBooks for making these complete kick-ass buttons! They match the very smexy Kaidan perfectly!
And a huge thank you to Wendy Higgins for being so awesome about me being Kai's advocate! I'm so thrilled to work with you on this!

And a huge thank you to the TeamKaidan Street Team members... you know who you are! I am so grateful to you... now let's do this thing and kick those other character's ASS!


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