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Review: The Dark (Portal Trilogy #1.5)

The Dark (Portal Trilogy #0.5)
Heather Self

Publication Date: January 1, 2013
Date Read: December 31, 2012
Genre: YA - Paranormal
Source: Beta Copy from Author
Format: E-Books
From Goodreads:
Mary Anne Moore doesn't know what she is. She can’t explain why she has lived so long.

Or why she never gets sick.

Or why the dreams she has come true.

She has hidden herself as a lowly servant to the households of Dublin's English elite for decades, until the night that changes her life. Now her sole purpose is the child she never expected to have. She will do anything in her power to keep the black-eyed monsters from discovering him and turning him into one of them.

For Kieran Moore, the dark is an ever-present parasite, waiting to devour his humanity. His mother’s love and the girl in his dreams has kept it at bay for years, but the more time that passes—the longer he has to wait for her—the more it grows. When tragedy strikes, it is all he can do to keep from being consumed by the darkness that infects him. He must continue to hold on to the hope of peace her presence will bring him, because it’s not just his fate on the line, but that of the entire world.

Oh. My. God! I just freaking loved this novella. I never wanted it to end. Heather Self is just epically amazing. I knew I would like this novella because... well.. Heather wrote it... DUH! But I didn't think I would love it just as much as I did and now I am so freaking torn. Damn you Heather... Damn You!

For Anna nothing has been easy. Running from the evil that is after her Anna flees her home town in order to protect her unborn son. But as she settles into her new life she soon realises that it will not be that easy and that she can't escape her past. Kieran is not the same as him mother, there is something dark in him that he nor his mother understand but will Kieran be able to fight it and be good or is the darkness just too much to resist?

I loved this novella and it was just amazing. As soon as Heather told me she was writing a novella about Kieran's past I just couldn't wait to jump into it. After reading The One I just fell in love with Heather's writing and couldn't wait to get my hands on her next book. I was not disappointed. You quickly get sucked right back into the word of kin and nereda and I was so hooked I just needed to read more and read the entire thing in one sitting. It's just so incredible.

I liked Kieran already from what I read of him of The One but this made me just fall head over heels in love with him. He has been through so much and I just want to give him a big hug. He is just the niest sweetest guy who is always seen as bad when deep down he just wants to do the right thing. This is where I have to say DAMN YOU HEATHER! When I finished The One as much as I liked Kieran I was totally Team Chase... I mean Chase is just amazing and your total snarky cheeky boy... seriously who can resist that. But then I read The Dark and ARGH I love Kieran too (Sorry Chase). Now I just don't know what to think. I loved seeing Kieran's background story and it really gives you a better perception of him.

I genuinely loved every single second of this amazing novella and I just need The Key... like now. This is fast becoming one of my all time favourite series and I just can't wait to see what is going to happen next. If you haven't read this series I would strongly advise picking it up as this is one series that is not to be missed out on... under ANY circumstances.


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