Wednesday, December 12

Waiting On Wednesday (#14)

Children of the Veil (Veil Trilogy #1)
Daniel A Cohen

Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Publication Date: March 26, 2013


All’s well that ends well.

Whoever said that hasn’t been to Atlas Crown lately.

Things are far from "well" for Samuel Lock. After his involvement in the near-destruction of magic, all Sam wants to do is prove that he can fit in with the rest of the sorcerers. Omani--a right of passage that all young sorcerers go though--is coming up, and Sam believes it will be his chance to show everyone that he truly belongs.

But when other young sorcerers start losing their connection with the Veil, the people of Atlas Crown begin pointing fingers at Sam. As this mysterious plague begins to spread, things in town quickly go from bad to worse to everyone-hide-your-children-and-prepare-for-the-end.

What Bariv, Rona, and the other magical authorities can’t seem to figure out is how or why the Veil is missing. Could it be something as simple as a magical virus? A freak accident? A test of their commitment?

Or perhaps something more sinister is at play.

Sam must find out what’s behind this devastating epidemic and stop it before Atlas Crown's magical way of life is stolen forever.

Yes... another Spencer Hill Press book. Have you not learnt by now that I am just totally obsessed with all of their books. A few months ago I read the first book in this series and just totally fell in love with it. It's such a fantastic YA Fantasy novel and I am dying to read the next one. I am so impatient for Children of the Veil. I cannot wait and will totally happy dance when I finally get this one in my hands.

What's your Waiting on Wednesday?



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