Sunday, December 30

Looking forward to 2013

Hey Guys,
So I just wanted to do a quick post before the new year to let everyone know what's going on with K-Books in the next year. I was going to do it tomorrow but I have some posts going up tomorrow so instead you get this one today.

So as some of you know the blog hasn't been extremely active in the past few weeks and we have had some changed. As I posted about a few weeks ago Lolita made her own blog so with no longer be blogging here. I am so happy about the choice as it was just completely right for us. She is one of my closest blogging friends. So the blog is back to being just me.

The main reason for the quietness of the blog in the past few months is because after graduation I went back to University to do my teachers training. It is very manic and much more hectic than I ever thought. I am going to univeristy two days a week and teaching the rest of the week. I have essays to do for university and lessons to plan for my placements so that takes up so much of my time. Because of this the blog will continue to be kinda quiet. I have 6 months of my course left so reading and blogging is unfortunately going to be taking a back-seat. I will still be reading and posting my reviews but reading will be a lot slower that normal as I just don't have a lot of time. Because of this I am only accepting a limited amount of review books and there is no guarantee of a time limit of when I will be able to read them. This is the same for blog tours. I will accept blog tours if I can do a excerpt, interview or guest post but reviews for blog tours will be turned down as I don't have time and having to read books by a certain date is putting a lot of stress on me. Stress that I don't need more of as my course is very stressful and demanding. I hope you will all understand why I am having to do this. Remember it is only 6 months and K-Books should be back to being more lively after May/June. In these 6 months I am mainly going to be reading books I've bought not received for review. If I've already spoken to you about review books etc our agreement still stands and I will be reading those ones but for the majority I'm taking these 6 months to read more of my TBR list. Because I have limited reading time I kind of wanna spend it reading my books.

Because of this any review requests I do receive if I do not accept I am going to pass them on to Lolita to see if she would like to review them on her new blog. She is an excellent reviewer and her new blog is brilliant.

So that's what will be happening in the first half of 2013 and I really hope you guys understand why I won't be posting as much.
Thank you all for following... I love you lots.



  1. Lucia The Loyal BOok30 December 2012 at 18:04

    Oh, Kay, I'm going to miss your reviews! But I hope you'll have a great time at the Uni and that we can soon have you back! Hope your year will be great!

  2. Thanks Lucia. I'll still be around on twitter and facebook and I will still be posting review just not as often as usual. It's only 6 months and then I will be back to normal =)

  3. We will miss you, but I wish you the best of luck with your career. Congratulations on your accomplishments and Happy New Year!:)

  4. I think this sounds like a good idea and the perfect choice. Teaching and preparing lessons can be extremly stressful and I hope you'll find time to enjoy your books. I'll be looking forward to when you'll be back in full swing and until then: Good Luck and have fun teaching and doing your course!

  5. Good luck with your teaching training these 6 months! I hope these months aren't as stressfull as the last 6 months for you. If you ever need help, just let me know! And enjoy your free time reading the books you want!

  6. Thank you Lola. I will definitely let you know =)

  7. Good Luck Love and as always I am hear if you need me! School is such a hard thing to get through. I have taken a break and I am enjoying it!

  8. a great reading the contents of all,


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