Saturday, December 8

Important Changes on K-Books

Hey Guys,
So we have a major change involving K-Books right now. My very awesome co-blogger and I decided that it was time for Lolita to move on and start her very own blog. Don't worry we didn't have a massive fight or anything we are still very good friends. Over the past few months there has been some confusion about who was posting the posts and we were both feeling like we weren't getting the credit for our own hard work, we were also double booking and having very important posts that needed to be at the top of the blog on the same day. So after a long discussion about the confusion Lolita decided it was time for her to start her own blog and I am absolutely thrilled for her.

Lolita has been such an amazing co-blogger and an amazing part of K-Books for about a year now and I am so proud of her for stepping out and going on to her own blog alone. I wish her all the best of luck and I think you should all go out and follow her new blog Lola's Reviews.

If Lolita is set for a blog tour for this month or beginning of next she is already set to post it here on this blog but the majority of her reviews and everything else will be on her new blog Lola's Review.

So let's give her a lot of love and wish her look and go follow.

You can find her here:

And a big massive thank you to Lolita for being a part of K-Books. I am so glad I met you and got to work with you and you will always be one of my best bookish friends. I am always here if you need any help.



  1. Stacey O'Neale8 December 2012 at 15:26

    The same thing happened to me about a year ago. I had been blogging for a few years with a guy that had several other fantasy books. I asked him to help me start a YA fantasy blog and things were okay, but I was doing all the work and he was just posting it for me. Plus, his other blogs weren't geared toward books. It was mostly how to build props you see in fantasy movies and fantasy games and stuff. Anyway, we were going in two different directions and decided it was best to part ways. No drama and we're still friends. Now, my blog belongs to me and I'm much happier.

  2. Congrats Lolita , will go follow your blog now, you both are awesome and it's a good thing when you both are growing :)

  3. Thanks Kay for all you've done for me! I am so gratefull for all the people that are already following me :)

  4. Nice post. I'll be following her too. :-)

  5. I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for me. About a year ago I my partner split up, we had both made BIG mistakes in our relationship. He ended up moving away from me to pursue a new life. I knew in my heart that he would be the only one to make me happy. I was relieved when I found your email on a site about what you have done. I requested 1 to 2 day casting of the reunite us love spell and within 3days mark company had relocated him back to our hometown where I still lived. We immediately reconnected and move in with each other. Our wedding date is set for Summer 2012. Expect to see your invite in the mail thanks to upesaspelltemple@gmail(.)com


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