Tuesday, December 18

Double Cover Reveal

So I am being totally naughty today. I have two cover reveals to post and although they are totally unrelated and by two completely different authors I am merging them into one post.

Why you ask... because I'm super lazy... No I'm just kidding I just don't have time to blog a whole lot right now so I am doing them in one post.

First Up....

Cover Reveal: The Dark (A Kin Series Novella) by Heather Self!

I am so crazy excited to be involved in the cover reveal for this novella as I freaking loved Heather's Debut novel The One so much..

So here ya go the cover of the novella...

The Dark (A Kin Series Novella) by Heather Self

Mary Anne Moore doesn’t know what she is. She can’t explain why she has lived so long.
Or why she never gets sick.
Or why the dreams she has come true.
She has hidden herself as a lowly servant to the households of Dublin's English elite for decades, until the night that changes her life. Now her sole purpose is the child she never expected to have. She will do anything in her power to keep the black-eyed monsters from discovering him and turning him into one of them.
For Kieran Moore the dark is an ever-present parasite, waiting to devour his humanity. His mother’s love and the girl in his dreams has kept it at bay for years, but the more time that passes—the longer he has to wait for her—the more it grows. When tragedy strikes, it is all he can do to keep from being consumed by the darkness that infects him. He must continue to hold on to the hope of peace her presence will bring him, because it’s not just his fate on the line, but that of the entire world.

**Note** This novella takes place both before, and concurrently with events that happen in the One. It is highly recommended it be read first.

What do you think?
Isn't it amazing?
I love love love this cover and it sounds freaking awesome. I adored The One and I can't wait to read more about Kieran. I loved him in The One. He is the typical bad boy that you will all love.
 I seriously need to read this... like NOW!

Cover Reveal: Dracian Legacy by Priya Kanaparti!

Now... a few months ago I got this awesome email from Priya telling me about her upcoming book Dracian Legacy... I was so excited to help her out with the cover reveal for her book and it's finally here and now I am so crazy excited about this book.

Dracian Legacy (Dracian #1) by Priya Kanaparti

Ren and Axel are caught between two powerful magical races: one destined to end the bloodshed, the other out for vengeance.

Seventeen-year-old Ren Pernell is prophesied to end the war between the Dracians and the Telalians. So when a Dracian, Axel Knight, is sent to find and bring back the prophesied one before she turns eighteen and Telalians discover of her existence, unexpected sparks start to fly between the two. Once Ren finds the truth behind Axel’s arrival, she wants everything to do with him and nothing to do with his mission.

Things prove to become difficult as Ren’s life is constantly threatened by the Goarders, humans who sold their souls, a Proxy Succubi, and the leader of the Telalians, who has been searching for her as well.

With the clock ticking and Ren’s life in jeopardy, it is no longer just a mission for Axel. It becomes a personal endeavor to save the only one he’s ever loved. In a heart racing ending, they must find a way to evade the preordained war that won’t also end Ren’s life.

Okay... let me just let the cover whore in me do her squeal and dance first
I love it love it love it and want it on my book shelf sooooooo bad.

Okay... I am so freaking excited about this book and I want it... like NOW!
I cannot wait to read this book. I just know it is going to be epic!

What do you think of the two cover reveals?



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