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Blog Tour: Captivated By You by Diane Alberts

Hey Guys,
So I am so crazy excited to be on this blog tour for one of my favourite authors Diane Alberts. I genuinelly love her and have been lucky enough to have her on the blog a few times before and now she is back YAY! *happy dance*

So this time I'm going to tell you about her brand new contemporary book Captivated by You.

Captivated by You (Superstars in Love #1)
Diane Alberts

Published By: Swoon Romance
Publication Date: November 13, 2012
Genre: Adult - Contemporary Romance

From Goodreads:
Mark Delaney is a high profile movie star who wants nothing more than to visit his sister for the Christmas holiday before his big movie premiere. When he goes back to Colorado against his agent’s wishes, of course a snowstorm comes that lands his Maserati in a ditch. Stranded on a quiet road, he knocks on the door of the first house he sees—the same house that his former math tutor grew up in. Expecting to find an elderly couple donned in robes and hair curlers, he’s knocked off his feet when Lacey Robertson herself opens the door. She’s all grown up now…and Mark can’t help but notice.

When Lacey opens the door to find a tuxedo-clad man staring back at her, she can’t believe that the very same boy she pined after throughout childhood is on her porch. Having the famous star all to herself is intoxicating to say the least, but she resolves to resist the temptation of a blissful night in his arms. After all, he’s probably used to women throwing themselves at him on a nightly basis…and she won’t be one of the faceless crowd begging for his attention.

But when she finds out that he hasn't stopped thinking about her, despite his A-list life, will she fall into his arms for a single night of pleasure? Or will she dare to hope for more?

Captivated by You is Book 1 in the Superstars in Love Series.

I have read and reviewed and loved so many of Diane's awesome novels and I cannot wait to get started on this one. It is one of my next reads so cannot wait to get started.

Now please give a massive K-Book welcome back to Diane Alberts

Hi Diane
Thank you so much for being back on K-Books today.

·      Thank you so much for having me here again! I love stopping by!

When did you first discover that you wanted to be a writer?

·      I’d have to say I was thirteen or fourteen. I was on vacation at the shore with my parents, my sisters, and my grandparents. We all stayed in this gorgeous old home called the Sea Mist. I was reading a romance book, enjoying the ocean breeze on the porch, and I turned to my grandmother and said, “I’m going to become a famous author and buy this house.”

The house has since been separated into luxury condos, so I’m thinking my dream of becoming famous and buying it might be dead.  Or I could buy a condo in it…

Most of your books are in the contemporary genre. Did you always want to write in this genre?

·      Ironically enough? No! LOL. I wanted to write historical romance, and decided to try contemporary first. But since a lot of my reader love contemporary, I think I’ll continue giving them what they like. I’ve recently fell even more in love with the genre—though I do still adore a dashing lord and his lady.

What genre book do you enjoy reading?

·      Anything that’s romance. Paranormal, Historical, Contemporary, YA. As long as there’s love and a little bit of heartbreak thrown in—I’m good!

Do you have any authors that you look up to or that inspire you?

·      Oh so many. I couldn’t possibly name them for fear of leaving one out. But I have fallen in love with Laura Kaye’s writing. I’m a big fan.

Your book Captivated by You has been released. What was the inspiration behind that story?

·      I love movie stars, and like to think of what happens behind the scenes of those movies. After all, they’re people, too. All they want is the same things we do, right?

And who doesn’t love the idea of a hot movie star falling desperately in love with a normal girl?

How do you feel about unleashing this story into the world?

·      Nervous! I’m always nervous. I’m a wreck like that. LOL

Do you take any personal experiences and adapt them into your writing?

·      I try to make my character’s emotions true and realistic. I try to pull out of real life experiences, and turn it into a book.  So in that aspect, yes I do. I also sometimes use real situations in my books. I’ve done that a lot as well. It’s always fun to put part of me into each and every book.

Are there any particular scenes that you enjoy writing more than others?

·      I love the scenes where the heroes grovel for forgiveness. Love, love, love.

And finally what can we expect to see from you in the future?

·      More contemporary romance, of course. Lots more!

Getting to Know You – Quick Fire Round

Hardcopy or E-Book? eBook
Bookmark or Dog-Ear? I’ve done both.
Book or Movie? Books.
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate!
Summer or Winter? Summer all the way.
Ice-Cream or Cake? Ice cream cake
Coffee or Tea? Coffee, but I like tea at night.
Nice guy or bad boy? Nice in real life, bad in books. ;)

Thank you so much for being here on K-Books with us today.

·      Thank you so much for having me here again!

Now because the people over at Swoon Romance are so damn awesome they have offered one e-copy of Captivated by You for one of our readers. All you have to do is leave me a comment with your email address and the answer to the following question...

Since Diane writes both what is your favourite Contemporary or Paranormal and why?

And that's it that is all you have to do. So go! go! go!



  1. This looks very interesting My favorite contemporary is Sarah Dessen's Dreamland. It is very realistic and teaches an amazing lesson. My favorite paranormal novel is Lauren Kate's Fallen series. I love the romance and the love triangle.
    I would love to win this.
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