Wednesday, October 17

New Cover Reveal: The Lost Prince UK Edition

Hey guys,
So which searching online I found that the UK cover of The Lost Prince (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten #1) bu Julie Kagawa has been revealed. I found out months ago that the UK edition had been pushed back for a release in January due to a new cover design. I was so excited to see the cover. I adore MiraINK covers.

However...  I have to say I am so damn disappointed. I have already read The Lost Prince and loved it and I don't like the UK cover AT ALL!

I mean... it's nice and all and I like how it has a kind of creepy vibe because some of them Fey can be real creepy and michevious but I have two major problems with this cover.

1. It says 'For fans of Snow White & The Huntsman' Errrr.... WHAT?!?! Let me tell you this book is nothing like that movie AT ALL!!!! And why compare a really amazing unique book to a movie?!?! I HATE THAT!

2. It no longer matches the cover for the original Iron Fey series. I ADORE matching covers. I have to have matching covers and I understand it's a different series. Fine. IF the US cover didn't match the original Iron Fey books I'd probably be like fine but they don't!



YES! It looks absolutely amazing and the fonts are the same and everything so although they are different series they truly look like them are set in the same world!


It looks horrible and nothing similar at all. It just doesn't work. AT ALL!

Let me know what you think.



  1. I prefer the UK cover!!! I never liked the US Covers even though I like the story. I like that publishers changed it for The Lost Prince it sets it apart from the original series.

  2. Oh Gosh that's a horrible cover for the UK's The Lost Prince! I much prefer the the US version goes with the Iron Fey Series perfectly. Also I have read the US Version. So... lol! :)

    I'm a new follower... I would love a follow back! :) Never Judge a Book by its Covers

  3. Actually I think this is better than a lot of the covers you guys get stuck with. :)


  4. True. I'm just bitter because I want my matching covers lol

  5. Thanks for following and I totally agree. Following back!

  6. I wouldn't mind it if the original series looked even remotely like that! But NO! I need my matching covers.

  7. I like the UK cover. It's a lot moodier, but I understand about matching covers. I like all of my authors' books to have a similar feel.

  8. I' don't really care for the UK cover. I agree there needs to be matching covers.

  9. The 2nd version of the uk cover for the lost prince is out, which is in
    my opinion much better than the last one. Check it out at the link
    below: -

    At last we have matching covers in the uk :)


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