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Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

Dash & Lily's Book of Dares
Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

Publication Date: October 26, 2010
Finish Date: October 26, 2012
Format: Paperback

From Goodreads: “I’ve left some clues for you.
If you want them, turn the page.
If you don’t, put the book back on the shelf, please.”

So begins the latest whirlwind romance from the bestselling authors of Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Lily has left a red notebook full of challenges on a favorite bookstore shelf, waiting for just the right guy to come along and accept its dares. But is Dash that right guy? Or are Dash and Lily only destined to trade dares, dreams, and desires in the notebook they pass back and forth at locations across New York? Could their in-person selves possibly connect as well as their notebook versions? Or will they be a comic mismatch of disastrous proportions?

Rachel Cohn and David Levithan have written a love story that will have readers perusing bookstore shelves, looking and longing for a love (and a red notebook) of their own.
I was a bit in a book lul and had no idea what to read, because I was in the mood for a contemp book I picked this one up. It is a fast paced and mostly light read and it was really enjoyable. I liked the originality of the story. It is about a boy and a girl who swap stories and dares in a notebook that they pass to each other in new York, without actually encountering each other.

The story is original and fast paced, I kept wanting to keep on reading. It also is a funny book at times and I really enjoyed reading it. I thought it was a bit strange that at first Dash and Lily never encountered each other, but it was also really nice to see how they got to kow each other through the notebook. I did think it was strange that they enlist the help of many friends and family members, but not one of them ever slips and tells one of them much about the other. It was just a bit unbelieveable.

This book is told from two perspectives, from Dash and Lily's perspective. They are wirtten by different authors and this makes the book even beter, because dash and Lily are so different from each other and even have their own thoughts and voice. We really get to know who Dash and Lily are and I liked them both. Most side characters are used to fill up gaps, but still they felt like real persons and they had their own characteristics.

Sometimes when I wasn't reading I did realize how strange it was that they where able to pass the notebook to each other in a city as big as New York, but when you are reading it most of it sounds very logical and it doens't seem strange at all.

I really enjoyed this story, but it misses something for the 5 stars. I am not sure what, as it is a really enjoyable and nice book and I would certainly recommend it. It just lacks a bit depth at times and even though it's a good book, it isn't the kind of book that stays with you long after you finished it.

I liked the setting of the story as it takes place around Christmas and this is quite important in this book. Like Lily, I love christmas although I do also agree with Dash about many of his ideas about Christmas. I liked how prominently Christmas played a role in this book and I got in the mood for Christmas.

To conclude: overal this is a very enjoyable story, fast paced and a light read with an original plot. I liked reading how different Lily and Dash where written and I really liked them both.

A special thanks to Emma @Boekenzee for writing an awesome review of this book that made me decide I had to read this book and I immediately ordered it. 



  1. Oh wow, I am totally blushing right now ;) Glad you liked it! It's cute right? You're right though, sometimes it was a bit unbelievable? I do like that when they finally.. you know ;) It's not your average chick lit, and the fact that stuff goes wrong is just cool. It's a book movie right? One of those books that almost feels like a movie script? Hahaha I loved the first chapters, where Lily is like: I LOVE CHRISTMAS! And Dash tells the same thing in almost the same way, but negative! Cool moment

  2. I totally agree with you! I loved how different Lily and Dash are and even though they still have a lot in comparison too. It sure isn't your average chick lit (not that i have read that many of them). So is there are already a movie made out of it? I am sure it would be fun to watch.


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