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Blog Tour: Three River Ranch

Hey guys,
I'm so excited to be on the blog tour for this awesome book from Entangled Publishing's Bliss Imprint.

Three River Ranch
Roxanne Snopek

Publication Date: August 2012
Genre: Adult - Romance
From Goodreads:
Needing a fresh start from her two-timing fiancé, Aurora McAllister answers a realtor’s ad for a guesthouse on the beautiful, serene Three River Ranch. She shows up at Three River tired, heartbroken, and with no one but her trusty Labradoodle as a companion.

Cowboy Carson Granger has enough trouble in his life without adding a woman and her dog to the mix. There’s the untamed mustang he’s prepping to release into the wild, not to mention his father’s crazy will, which stipulates that if Carson wants to fully inherit Three River, he’ll need to find a bride. Carson wants nothing to do with love and especially not a marriage of convenience. But he soon realizes Rory, and everything she represents, might just be exactly what he needs.

Sometimes love arrives on your doorstep when you least expect it…

I haven't had time to review this book yet but I am so excited to read it and I'm super excited to welcome the awesome author Roxanne Snopek to K-Books today.

Hi Roxanne,
Thanks for being here on K-Books today.

ROX: Thanks for having me!

When did you first discover that you wanted to be a writer?

ROX: Oddly enough, although I always kept a diary as a kid (I wanted to be Harriet the Spy) I never wanted to be a writer. And I HATED creative writing in school. Ugh. However, I was one of those weird kids who loved grammar, which was a clue I suppose. I can parse sentences all day. Love it. But, to get back to your question, I have a very clear memory of sitting in a coffee shop with a friend, when it hit me that one day, I would write a book. I didn’t know what I’d write about, I just knew I was going to do it.

Most of your books are in the Contemporary genre. Did you always want to write in this genre?

ROX: I like stories about real people that I can relate to, so contemporary suits me, I think.

What genre book do you enjoy reading?

ROX: what DON’T I enjoy reading! I pretty much love it all. My shelves are stocked with romance of all subgenres, as well as mysteries, thrillers, a bit of science fiction, some literary fiction (because I have very smart, literary friends who insist I also read outside my commercial fiction comfort zone), some classics (ditto), and lots of non-fiction of all varieties. I love reading. I love disappearing into stories. I love falling in love with characters and worlds and discovering places I wish I could visit.

Do you have any authors that you look up to or that inspire you?

ROX: So many authors, so little screen space! Right now, I’m reading Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters Inc. series. I love the fast pace of her stories, I love the interconnected characters, I love that she’s an outspoken advocate for gay rights, and I LOVE that her tough, gorgeous, alpha heroes cry!

Your book Three River Ranch has been released. What was the inspiration behind that story?

ROX: I’d just finished writing a piece about wild horses, and knew I’d put them in a novel somewhere. They’re just fascinating to me, so resilient, and so misunderstood. I wanted to create a hero who felt passionate about them. Around the same time, I did another project about service dogs for autistic kids – and then met my first Australian Labradoodles! It was a crashing together of ideas that morphed into something entirely different, and Three River Ranch was born!

How do you feel about unleashing this story into the world?

ROX: I’ve been using the hashtag #happytears on Twitter a lot. That pretty much sums it up!

Do you take any personal experiences and adapt them into your writing?

ROX: Oh, all the time! But only in dribs and drabs. I’d say every character has a touch of me in it, but also touches of other people, plus a huge handful of pure imagination. As far as personal experiences, I tend to write about things I’d LIKE to do but maybe haven’t. I’m a huge horse lover, but have never lived on a ranch or seen a band of wild horses. But now, through this story, I feel like I have!

Are there any particular scenes that you enjoy writing more than others?

ROX: There’s a scene where my hero and heroine hear the wild stallion is calling to the rescued mustang mare, the stallion silhouetted against the starlit sky. That’s my favorite bit.

And finally what can we expect to see from you in the future?

ROX: The Reluctant Rancher comes out in the new year, and is the story of Desiree and Zach, two characters introduced in Three River Ranch. This time, horses feature as therapy animals!

Getting to Know You – Quick Fire Round

Hardcopy or E-Book? Both. I love them equally, like my children, forever. Although my preferences go up and down on any given day.

Bookmark or Dog-Ear? ACK! Bookmark! Do not hurt those pages!

Book or Movie? Book first, then movie.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Seriously? Have you tasted salted caramel? All else is dust in the wind.

Summer or Winter? Hm. If there’s snow, I love winter. If it’s just rain, like we have here on the West Coast, give me summer. Or give me Maui.

Ice-Cream or Cake? Can I have pie, instead? Cherry? Or maybe pumpkin? Oh, or fresh apple! Pie will be the death of me. But I’ll die happy…

Coffee or Tea? Dark-roast half-caf. With pie.

Nice guy or bad boy? Ooooh, the bad boy, I’m afraid.

Thank you so much for being here on K-Books with us today. 

Thanks for having me! It’s been a blast!

Isn't she awesome?!?!

 Connect with Roxanne

Roxanne Willems Snopek is an award-winning freelance writer of everything from corporate newsletters to personal essays. Author of the Amazing Stories series of true life animal adventures, she now focuses on fiction. Snopek grew up in Saskatchewan and now lives in British Columbia.

Author Website:



  1. Congrats on the new release. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it to see more of Rory and Carson and the horses. Thanks for the fun and informative interview. I agree with the pie. How can you not love pie?


  2. Hi Joanne! So nice to see you again! Sending you a virtual slice of fresh apple pie... mmm...


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