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Review: The One

The One (The Portal Trilogy #1)
Heather Self

Publication Date: June 15, 2012
Date Finished: September 14, 2012
Genre: YA - Paranormal
Source: Bought
Format: E-Book

From Goodreads:
Stranded on Earth two thousand years they’ve waited for the arrival of the One: some to save her, others to kill her. With her birth, the ancient prophecy could at last be fulfilled and the doorway between the worlds would open. Those who know the prophecy believe this event occurred almost eighteen years ago, and now, they’ll stop at nothing to find her.

Seventeen-year-old Eveline has lived her entire life on the move and she hates it. She knows her parents believe she’s the One, and they’ve done whatever it takes to stay one step ahead of those who want her dead. But Eveline isn’t fully convinced that her parents’ beliefs match her own. What she does believe is that Leadville, Colorado may be the chance she’s been waiting for. The chance to be somewhere safe. The chance for her to make friends and have fun. The chance to finally date a guy. The chance to be a normal girl, at least as normal as possible for someone not human.
"Besides, I do love to play knight in shining armour to a beautiful damsel in distress."

When I first heard that my good friend Heather Self had a book out I instantly just needed to read it. She is totally awesome so I knew her book was going to be amazing. But... I was in no way prepared for the awesomeness of this book. I can barely speak right now. There are no words to explain just how much I adored this book. It completely blew me away.

Eveline is a Kin, a dragon and she has been moved from place to place all her life in order for her parents to protect her. They believe she is 'The One' that an age-old prophecy fortold about. The One who can save her whole race. Evi finds herself moving to Leadsville, a place full of Kin who will help protect her but a place where secrets that have been kept for her entire life come poaring out. Will Evi be able to finally believe in herself and that she does have the power to save everyone? And will she finally be able to have a normal life?

I really loved this book. I fell head-over-heels in love with it right from the start. I haven't really read that many books about Dragons so when I heard it was about dragons I instantly wanted to read it. This is without a doubt the most original Dragon book I have ever read in my life. It's just amazing. I am in love with this book and Heather's writing is just incredible. I was sucked in right from the first page and just couldn't put it down. I just had to keep reading and find out what was going to happen. There were so many twists and turns that I did not see coming at all and I was left completely gobsmacked with my jaw on the floor going WHAT?!?!

I really loved that Evi's parents were really honest with her. There is a lot of YA books where the lead character has to figure everything out for themselves and do not have a lot of help discovering everything. In The One Evi has really supportive parents who will help her with anything and sat and explained the prophecy and helped her come to terms with everything. I really loved that about this book. I love Evi she is such an awesome character. I really loved how much she grew as a character throughout the book. She went from not believing she was The One to believing she was and starting to work towards figuring out the prophecy.

The One is without a doubt the only book in existence where I cannot choose between the guys. First we have Chase. Oh Lord... I love Chase so damn much. He is flirty and cheeky and I fell head-over-heels in love with him. There are just no words to explain how much I completely love him. All the way through the book I was adament that she has GOT to end up with Chase because he's just so swoon-worthy and perfect. He is right up there with Aiden from JLA's Covenant series. He reminded me of Aiden so much and as everyone knows Aiden is my fave fictional boy... EVER!

BUT... then we met Kieran and I am just in love with him too. He is the typical drool-worthy bad-boy and I was just so torn. I love Chase so much but Kieran is equally as drool-worthy and sweet and perfect and now I just don't know who I love more. They are both perfect but I think I prefer Chase a little more. Chase just stole my heart. But I love them both!

The One is one of the best debuts I have ever read and I loved every single moment of it. I am left reeling dying to know what is going to happen next... Okay... Yes I just wanna read more of Chase and Kieran! I cannot wait for book 2 to be released and I will be happy dancing for sure when I finally get my hands on it. A fantastic start to a promising series.

"In no way do I deserve you, but I will strive to show you every day how precious you are to me."


  1. Wow... with a review like that, I probably must read this book. It sounds beyond amazing! I like the premise and the fact that it's original. Chase and Kieren both sound so droolworthy too. Great review :)

  2. Totally agree! Loved this book!


  3. Dragons! I need more dragon books in my life. I am really excited for this one.

    Great review. :D


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