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Review: No Dress Required (Love Required #1)

No Dress Required (Love Required #1)
Cari Quinn

Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Publication Date: December 27, 2011
Date Read: August 31, 2012
Genre: Adult - Contemporary
Source: Bought
Format: E-Book

From Goodreads:
After years of ho-hum dating, Noelle Gregory is tired of fooling around. There’s only ever been one guy for her—Jake Conroy, her best friend’s older brother. Now that Jake’s back in town, she’s headed to his sister’s New Year’s Eve party to make her move. Purse full of condoms? Check. Sparkly dress guaranteed to show Jake the sexy woman she’s become? Check.

Carjacker that makes off with both two hours before the party? Check.

When Jake finds Noelle stranded on the side of the road—looking sexier than ever in her striped socks and silly holiday shirt, damn it—he’s glad for the snowstorm that cancels his sister’s party. His and Noelle’s friendship has tormented him for years, and now, Jake wonders if he should dare to sample what he’s always wanted…and if he’ll be able to walk away when it’s over.
I really have no idea what to say in this review. I had never heard of this book before until I received the second book in this series for review from Entangled Publishing. I found this on Amazon for kindle and decided I would get it and read it before I started book 2, No Flowers Required. I kind of wish I hadn't because I really didn't enjoy this book.

Noelle, or Nellie, has crushed on her best friends brother, Jake, for years. So when her best friends New Years party is coming up she decides it is the perfect time to seduce him. What she doesn't count on is her car, along with all of her things... including the perfect dress, getting stolen. Suddenly she finds herself alone with Jake in a snow storm she puts her plan in motion. But will she be able to walk away after the seduction... or will it just leave her wanting more?

I thought this book sounded pretty great. I am a big fan of contemporary romance and a total hopeless romantic so I usually love these type of books. However this one just fell a little bit short for me. I don't know whether it was because of the length of the book, it's only around 60 pages, but I just couldn't really connect with the characters.

I didn't particuarly like Noelle, I felt right from the beginning that she was just kind of an idiot. I mean she is being carjacked and tells the carjacker that he can't have the car because it's new. Why the hell would you tell a carjacker that you car is new. She really made me want to slam my head into the desk because she was just so idiotic. I didn't really like her and she kept the idiotic behaviour up right from the beginning to the end. Add that to the fact I found Jake, our love interest really boring and I wasn't really interested in their relationship. Jake is definitely not the kind of guy I would like and he seemed a bit safe and a bit boring. When he was saying nice romantic things to Noelle, usually I would be like "Aww that is so cute... swoon" but in this book I was more like "oh yeah... he said something to her."

As well as not really connecting with the characters I found the book kind of rushed and you didn't get the chance to see what the characters were really like. You're just thrown right in with them both secretly being in love with each other but no reasons why. I didn't quite get what has happened to make them love each other. You don't get to see the qualities they have that make them attractive to the other and it just went by very quickly.

I will still go on to read book 2 in the series as it is about different characters and my main problem with this book was that I couldn't really connect with the characters and I didn't really like them all that much. I really hope to like the second book in this series better.


  1. Fair points made there, I always find that short stories lack character depth and therefore it's harder to 'feel' for what they're going through - i will still probably read it but i'm not in any rush to do so :)

  2. Oh I really don't like it when I can't connect with the characters. Sorry you didn't enjoy.



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