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Embrace (Kane Wolves #2)

Embrace (Kane Wolves #2)
Annalise Grey

Publication Date: 29 August, 2012
Finish Date: 6 September, 2012
Format: e-book
Source: copy from author

From Goodreads: Old traditions reign supreme in Sophie’s world. Stunning revelations about her ancestry threaten everything she has worked hard to build. The day is coming when she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice or risk losing everything, including her family. Can this female Alpha keep control amidst the chaos or will she be torn apart by the ones who should follow her?

 Some time ago I read Howl (book1 in this series) and thought it was a standalone book, then I found out that there would be a sequel and immediately added it to my to-read list. It really is a great sequel, I thought that the first book could be read as a standalone, but after reading this book I think that the sequel was nessecary.

The story is fast paced, involves lots of wolves and actions and even some drama and romance. The romance is an important part of the story I think, but not everything resolves around it, it mostly is about some issues the newly formed pack has to deal with. The story surprised me quite a few times, some twist I didn't see coming and then afterwards I thought what would happen and was surprised again. The story was really interesting, although there where some parts I didn't like.

I really liked Sophie in the first book and I still do, she makes some dumb descisions, but she does realise this and tries to make up for it. She has to struggle, but also shows some real power. I still think that many of the side characters get too less attention, and while some have some interesting aspects I think that we learn too little about them.

I really liked this story, it is just a bit different from most werewolf books. The story is intriguing and even a bit dark at times, but it does display the nature of wolves very good.

To conclude: a great sequel and I would certainly recommend this series if you are looking for an original werewolf book. The side characters could use some more attention, but I really like the main character.

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