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Review: Neophyte

Emmalee Aple

Publication Date: February 22, 2012
Date Read: August 11, 2012
Genre: YA - Paranormal Romance
Source: Review Copy from Emmalee Aple
Format: E-Book
From Goodreads:
Addisyn White thought she had her new life, her after life, all figured out. Granted death had not brought her to the pearly white gates, she hadn’t even left Earth. But death had its perks; she got to live forever with her best friend and her assigned Link of Angels, in a beautiful beach house. Even with the changes she was going through to turn her human body into an angelic one, everything seemed pretty easy. Until a gray winged angel comes into her life, then all the secrets and lies her Link had been keeping start crumbling away, exposing a whole new world of dangers she didn’t even know about.

Now Addisyn must fill in the blanks before things escalate too far. Will she save her Link? Or will she be buried in their secrets forever?
"My only concery is your safety, first and formost."

Wow, I have no idea where to even start with this review. I was a little skeptical about reading this book at first, not only am I good friends with the author and was terrified I wouldn't like it and what I would say to her if I didn't but also because I am not the biggest fan of angel stories. Don't get me wrong I love my share of angel books but most angel books I find similar to others and I find it very difficult to find an original angel story. Before reading Neophyte the only angel book I've ever really loved is Angel Burn by LA Weatherly. That book is such an original angel book, whereas all the others I've read seem very similar to me (Hush Hush series and Fallen series).
However once I got going with Neophyte I realised all my fear about this book was completely unnecessary. Not only was I completely hooked to the storyline and the characters but it turned out to be one of the most original angel books I've ever read.

Addisyn is an angel, well kind of. She's still kinda human as she hasn't fully transformed into an angel yet. Living with her trusted Link, the other angels helping her through the process of becoming an angel, Addison feels safe and like nothing could go wrong. But then she learns that her link are keeping secrets from her. She is determined to find out the truth, but will she be able to find the truth without putting herself and her Link in danger? Add the romantic complications between Addi and the gorgeous, swoon-worthy Greysan and you are in for a fast-paced action-packed and totally heart-stopping ride.

It's true that I didn't instantly love the book right from the start. From the first chapter I was really intrigued as to what was going to happen, and what the secrets were. One think that I love about Neophyte is that as Addi goes through her journey to finding out the truth and dealing with her feelings for super broody-boy Greysan, we all go through that journey with her. I couldn't put the book down as I just had to keep on reading and find out what was going to happen. Emmalee does a great job of completely grabbing your attention right at the start and not letting it go until the end of the book. I was reading as fast as I possibly could because I was dying to find out what was going to happen.

Addi is such a fantastic character. I absolutely love her. There were times when I really doubted her and found her kind of selfish at the beginning of the book. When she first finds out about danger, it affects the whole link but Addi only thinks 'but what about me' and that really annoyed me and made me not like her at the beginning but she soon grows out of it. One thing I love about books is when the main character really grows as a person throughout the books and Addi really did do that. By the end of the book she is a completely different person and a lot stronger who will do anything to protect her link even if it means she must sacrifice things that she wants.

I completely fell in love with two guys in this book... don't worry there's no love triangle. Hunter, I instantly loved Hunter, Addi's best friend. He is just so sweet and cocky and I love him! I just want to hug him and I want a best friend like Hunter. What I loved about this book is that the best friend didn't secretly harbor feelings for the main character. It's really rare to find a male-female friendship in YA literature where one of them (at least) is not secretly in love with the other so I loved that in this book.
Greysan... *enter dreamy sigh here* he is so sweet and perfect and the guy that every girl will fall in love with. He is definitely the broody type but once you read more you realise all these horrible things that have happened to him and you feel so bad for the guy... I love Greysan and throughout the book I just wanted things to work out for him and Addi. I really love their relationship.

It is so difficult for me to talk about this book rationally because I am so angry about the ending. My heart completely shattered and I cried so bad. I don't think I will ever forgive Emmalee for the ending of this book.
This is one of the best angel books I have ever read and I will be impatiently waiting for the next book. Neophyte has breath-taking romance, heart-stopping action and will have you laughing one moment and crying the next. You will definitely be left pining for more.

"Because I will not chance losing you, I could not live with myself if I lost you, Addisyn."


  1. Only heard about this book now, but it sounds awesome! Definitely will check it out 'cause I LOVE angel stories! :)

    Great review as always, Kay!



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