Friday, August 10

IT IS HERE! Onyx Trailer

Oh yes you guys
You know your as excited as me right???

I have read Onyx a total of 4 times and I am just dying to read it agian.

Still waiting for the release?

Well watch the trailer... it's awesome


  1. i understand i can't wait for my copy to arrive ( now new objectif: a preorder of opal *_* yes i see far)

  2. I got my copy of Onyx a week ago, TBD shipped early... but I'm not reading it yet... I'm going to wait until Opal comes out and then re read the first three and Shadows, then not too long a wait for book 3 :-)... I hate waiting for sequels, so I tend to get as many books in a series then read them..

    When re reading this series, do you think I should read Shadows before Obsidian or after? I know Shadows is the 0.5 but some people say it fits better after Obsidian... I can't remember it's been a while since I read Obsidian.


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