Monday, July 30

Review Copy Cleanup: Introduction Post

Okay YES I am cheating and starting early but I have a ridiculous amount of review books so I am starting today.
I have selected a small amount of the review books that I have for review. I can never decide what I am going to read until I am about to choose a book to read so I have instead selected a few hardcopy review books and a few e-book review books that I have. I will be choosing from these listed here when choosing which books to read for the challenge.

HardCopy Review Books:

E-Book Review Books:

I might read different books from these as I do have more review books that just these but there are the ones I am most looking forward to and will probably be reading.

I am aiming to read at least 10 of my review books during this challenge.

I am starting today and I will be starting with:

Wish me luck!!


Okay so I have nowhere near as many books for review as kay has. I still have a few and I want to try to read them all before the summer ends.
I only have e-books for review and here are the books I still have to review:

So I hope I will manage to read all of those this month!


  1. You haven't read The Selection yet, Kay? I'm so jealous you have a hard copy. I LOVED that one. Couldn't put it down.

  2. Good luck girls! We'll shoot all of you an email tomorrow with the dates of our Twitter chats and everything else :)

    Kay, I can't wait to hear what you think of Pledge! It's been on my wishlist for ages. x


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