Friday, June 29

YA Crush Tourney News

Hey guys,
So I have been bursting to let everyone know this and I finally can!

I am an advocate in the YA Crush Tourney. It will be my first time being advocate and I am so excited.
Not only am I excited to be advocate but I have one of the best characters of all time!

Everyone knows how much of a Jennifer L Armentrout fan I am. Okay fan is an understatment. I'm obsessed!
Well I am advocate for the total swoon worthy Aiden from Jen's Covenant series.

YES I'm so excited and I hope you all will support me and Aiden through the course of The Tourney.
Let's show Jen how much we love her and her characters.



  1. You know I'll do what I can!! :D

  2. That's awesome but I'm 100% Team Seth for the Covenant series. :)

  3. Aiden!!!! I love him so much, the only person I may love more is Daemon Black haha

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  4. Ahhhh good luck! I will definitely be supporting you and Aiden throughout the tournament! If you have any types of buttons or anything that you would like me to put on my blog, I will! Just email me:!

    I would LOVE to help if I can!


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