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Emmalee Apple

Publication Date: February 22, 2012
Finish Date: June 8, 2012
Source: copy for review from autheur
Fomat: e-book

From Goodreads: Addisyn White thought she had her new life, her after life, all figured out. Granted death had not brought her to the pearly white gates, she hadn’t even left Earth. But death had its perks; she got to live forever with her best friend and her assigned Link of Angels, in a beautiful beach house. Even with the changes she was going through to turn her human body into an angelic one, everything seemed pretty easy. Until a gray winged angel comes into her life, then all the secrets and lies her Link had been keeping start crumbling away, exposing a whole new world of dangers she didn’t even know about.

Now Addisyn must fill in the blanks before things escalate too far. Will she save her Link? Or will she be buried in their secrets forever

I really liked this book. It is an original story and even though I am not a big fan of angel stories I did enjoyed this one. I did really enjoy the writing style and the story was interesting. I kept wanting to see where the story was going.

The story doens't starts slowly at all, in fact it starts almost in the middle of action and the explanation follows later. Also the main character already is an angel, already understands what she is and has made friends, so no long explanation of her getting to know people are included. The fact that the story starts right in the middle, does makes the beginning a bit confusing. The explanation comes in bursts later on in the story.

I immediately liked the main character, she is a strong character and stands up for what she believes in. She is also very stubborn at times. I do think in the course of the story she makes some stupid descisions. The other characters also where very likeable, at the beginning I had some difficulties distinguishing who was who, but quite fast I got a sense of their different personalities.

What I think this story misses is world building. We do get some explanation, but at the end of the book I was still left with so many questions. I still knew so little about this world, the role of angels, their tasks, why they live in links etc. I would've preferred getting to know more about the world and the angels.

Also there was some part in the story that I felt clashed a bit with the rest, they are angels, but still go to school and prom? Somehow I thought this was a bit strange. It was also the parts that where a bit boring to me. It was just a bit too cliché and not connected enough to the rest of the story. I also didn't understand why they had to go to school.

Another thing I have to comment on is the romance. I really liked the romance, it was somehow refreshing and original. But I also found the way the romance developed a bit strange, like something was missing. With the romance and some other parts I also felt like I was just missing a bit of information to really get what was happening.

To conclude: a nice and original angel story. I really liked the characters and the story. There where also some parts I didn't like and I would've preferred a bit more world building.



  1. This sounds interesting despite the lack of world-building. Awesome review :)


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