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Sweet Blood Of Mine - Blog Tour+giveaway

Welcome by my stop of the Sweet Blood of Mine blog tour. Sweet Blood of Mine is the first book in the Overworld series. I will show you my review of the book and I am giving away a signed paperback copy of the book.

Sweet Blood of Mine (Overworld Chronicles #1)
John Corwin

Publication Date: April 26, 2012
Finish Date: May 4, 2012
Format: e-book
Scource: copy from author

From Goodreads: From Mega Nerd to Super Stud.

Justin Case and women do not mix. Man boobs, a love of Kings and Castles, and being tight with the "nerd" crowd certainly don't win him any points either. After rescuing Katie, his crush, it turns out she might not be the girl he thought she was, while Elyssa, the school's Goth Girl, turns out to be more. Can high school get any more confusing?

Determined to improve himself, he joins a gym and meets a sexy girl that just oozes a "come hither, Justin" vibe. Until she attacks him in the parking lot, and Justin realizes she's no ordinary girl but a being with supernatural speed and strength. After a narrow escape and an excruciating migraine headache, he wakes up with supernatural abilities all his own: speed, strength, and the ability to seduce every woman he sees.

While that might sound like the perfect combo for any hormonal teen, Justin is a hopeless romantic who wants his first time to be special. Is that too much to ask for? But he doesn't know what he is or how to stop his carnal urges. One thing is clear: If he doesn't find answers there are other more sinister supernaturals who would like nothing better than to make him their eternal plaything and do far worse than kill him.

This book definitely wasn't like what I expected. I heard already some good things about this book, but it was better than expected. The story is about Justin Case (at the first mention of his name I already started laughing) a nerdy boy who's social live kinda sucks. He is in love with a girl who doens't love him and well he really is a nerd.

The first half of the story is mainly about getting to know Justin and how nerdy he is. I really had fun about all the nerdy jokes in the book. It was great. Normally the lead characters always are kinda cool already, but well Justin isn't. Until later on in the book you get the feeling that something more supernatural is going on. It still takes some time before we really know what is going on, only the last third of the book deals with the supenratural aspect. But i still enjoyed the whole story.

What I really liked about this book is that Justin case is just a normal person, well normal is maybe giving him too much credit, because he really is a nerd. He is like the last person to be a supernatural creature of some sort, but slowly in the book you see Justin changing. This doens't go with jumps, but with tiny steps. I always like seeing character growth like this in a book. Also his relations with other characters grow or diminish.

The story itself is also very enjoyable. It has many twists and turns and while at some points it is very predictable it also contains so many unpredictable elements. Overall it this is just a very funny and even a bit of a light read. I really enjoyed all the nerdy references and jokes in the first half in the book and seeing Justin develop and growing into a much stronger character than I expected he could be.

Except for the great main character and good story, this books also contains some action, romance and some slightly sexy scenes. It contains many different elements and still manages to come over as a light read. Another thing that I have to say about this book and maybe even about this authors writing style is that it is very original. this book is unlike any other book, while it certainy contains some common elements it is also very surprising and original most of the times. The only other book I've read from this author also had this same kind of originality, some known elements and a whole lot of unexpected and original ones.

To conclude: a very nice, original and enjoyable read. This book is a funny and light read, but still manage to have a great story and character development. I would certainly recommend reading it. And I am definitely looking forward to reading more about Justin and this supernatural world.


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