Sunday, May 13

Cover Reveal: Deadly Secrets, Loving Lies

Hey guys,
So today I am participating in an exclusive cover reveal for the awesome Entangled Publishing.
As most people know I love Entangled titles and there is not one of them I have read and not enjoyed.

So I am excited to participate in the cover reveal for their new short Romance Suspence e-book, Deadly Secrets, Loving Lies.

So you wanna see?

Official Blurb:

Family secrets must be kept, and painful wounds must be ignored.
After an all‐out assault by a vicious terrorist bent on destroying her entire family, a former government agent must break the strict rules she has always lived by when she emerges from hiding to reluctantly accept the help of her all‐too‐sexy ex‐lover. Running a deadly race against time, they rush to rescue her kidnapped sister, find her missing father, and bring the notorious villain to justice. But nothing ever goes as planned. Bullets fly, dan‐ ger abounds, and their passion reignites even faster than the lies are flowing. But their stubbornly held secrets just might spell the end of their rekindled love and hopes for the well as their very lives.

Isn't it beautiful?
PLUS... it is out today!

Doesn't it sound awesome?
I can't wait to read this. It sounds great.

What do you think?


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