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Cover Comparison: Divergent and Insurgent

Hey guys,
So I am going to do a cover comparison post comparing the US and UK covers of both Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth.

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The US cover of Divergent is just incredible. I completely fell in love with this cover when I first saw it. I mean look at it. Who wouldn't?
It completely drew me in and when I first saw it my first thought was I NEED to read that book. I love how you have the symbol on fire and that's what really catches your eye to start with and I really love the picture of the buildings and the city at the bottom as it really shows you that it's going to be a dystopian book.
My favourite part of the cover however is the tagline right at the top.
"One choice can transform you."
That just made me go OMG what is this book about I must read it.
I think everyone would agree with me when I say this cover is stunning. It's beautiful and shiny and who doesn't love a pretty, shiny cover that they can stare at all day long?
Just me then!
So, the US cover of Divergent is a major win for me. I love it!

I'm gonna be completely honest here. When I saw the new revamped UK cover for Divergent I wasn't a fan. My first thought was PINK? for Divergent? No no no that does not match the story whatsoever! Divergent is one of my all time favourite books and to me I don't really think of a pink cover when I picture the story. I think dark, drastic colours because it's a pretty dark sad dystopian society.
The more I saw this cover the more I actually started to like it. I love how we still have the city in the background and reflected at the bottom so it shows the dystopian theme of the book and I really love that you have Tris on there looking back at the city.
But my most favourite part of the cover are the three birds. Those are so important to the story and it's one of my favourite parts of the book so I love that the UK cover as those on there.
Now, I am absolutely in love with this cover. I love it and I am so glad that I have the UK cover as it's so pretty and I think it really shows the important aspects of the book.


The US Insurgent cover. Amazing isn't it? I love it. Yea, yea I know I just went on about how the UK cover of Divergent grew on me and I'm glad I have that cover and everyone knows cover have to match. BUT that does not in any way stop me loving the US cover just as much!
I love this Insurgent cover as it's just so incredibly close to the US Divergent cover and I love that! I love how it has the Amity symbol on it and when I saw it, it definitely got me thinking well Amity must be important to the book right? What's going to happen?
I love that is has the city at the bottom like Divergent had but how it's different as well. And... as everyone was expecting my favourite part is .......................... The Tagline!
"One choice can destroy you."
So similar to that of Divergent and just as powerful. It had me going OMG what is going to happen in Insurgent. I need to read it and find out right now!
I adore these covers and I cannot wait to see what the cover for book 3 will look like so I can see the tagline and get all excited about what's going to happen.

So after the UK cover of Divergent grew on me I couldn't wait to see what the UK cover of Insurgent would look like. My reaction? It was like this --> 0_0 I fell in love with it. Isn't it beautiful?
I really love that it has Tris stood looking out over the landscape again like it had her on the cover of the first book. 
Although it heavily contrasts with what I like about the US cover of Insurgent I like how the landscape has changed from the city to hills. It makes me think... So they got out of the city right? Well where have they gone? What happened?
I also love the floating leaves. Okay so I don't really see the leaves as being significant to the story but they look so pretty and I love it.
Another thing I love?
It's PURPLE!!!!!
Purple is like my favourite colour so naturally when I saw it. I loved it. I love the cover, I think it's amazing and I can't wait to see what they do with the cover for book 2.

So personally, I love both the US and the UK covers of this series for different reasons. They are both incredible and show different aspects of the story that are important.  Both are great and I love them.
What do you think of the covers?



  1. I still prefer the US covers, but the Uk ones are also beautifull. I love that the symbols of factions are on the US covers and I love the skyline of the city at the bottom. And another thing? it's original and for a change hasn't got people on the front page. Although the Uk covers do have people I still think it's nicely done and the focus is more on the whole picture than on the person.

  2. I think I actually prefer the UK covers, I was like you when I first saw them and wasn't quite sure how the new Divergent one fitted with the story but the more I see it the more I love it. I actually have the old UK cover for Divergent (which was the same as the US one) but the purple UK cover for Insurgent and it really distresses me that they don't match. I think I'm going to have to buy the pink new UK cover at some point lol

  3. I love both the US and UK covers although I'm slightly more drawn to the UK cover of Divergent, despite the pink!, because of the gorgeous birds.
    having said that I would be more than happy to add the US hard backs to my growing collection!

  4. I also agree with Lolita that it's nice to have a cover without a stunningly dressed gorgeous girl on the cover. That reminds me of a tweet that was going around a few months back. Something along the lines of book YA book covers informing us that prom dresses and hair products will survive the end of the world!

  5. I've just noticed something. The leaves on Insurgent... are they on fire?

    And if so, does that signify something Kay?


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