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Wolf's Bane

Wolf's Bane
Judith Post

Publication Date: February 2012
Finish Date: April 15, 2012
Format: e-book
Source: review copy from author


From Goodreads: Reece Rutherford’s brain can’t process what her eyes are seeing. A full moon shines on a boy whose body is contorting and changing, sprouting fur and growing fangs. She’s seen it in movies. Movies aren’t real life. But then the werewolf charges her. He pins her against her SUV, his paw pressing against her chest, and she knows she’s doomed until a winged man appears, as if from the sky, to save her. From that point on, her life is forever changed. The bloody scratches heal and a blood-red tattoo, in the shape of a hexagram, blazes in the flesh near her heart, revealing that she is a witch whose powers have just awakened. Faced with a community of rogue werewolves who'd like her out of their way, a set of powers she never previously knew she had, and a brother and sister to keep safe from literal monsters--as well as their abusive step-father sleeping in the next room--Reece isn't sure her usual self-sufficiency will be enough to pull her through. Fortunately she has Damian, a stoic but sexy guardian who can help her take on her enemies and win. And maybe together they can learn that there's no point going through everything alone.

I didn't really knew what to expect of this book when I picked it up, but I ended up really enjoying this book. It's a fresh and original read and just the kind of book i was in the mood for. The story is about Reece, a young women who finds out that werewolves exist and much more, like gargoyels. That there where gargoyels in this story was one of the things I enjoyed about this book.

The story is kinda nice, it's fast paced and I wanted to keep reading. Although sometimes I think it was a little bit too fast paced. The story just goes from one event to the next, and there seemed to be a little too less time for character and world build. The story is certainly the main focus of the story and luckily it's a good one. There's also a bit of romance and action in the book.

The author created a nice and original world, it does has supernaturel creatures, but the plot is certainly different. In the beginning I had no idea where the story would go and I kept being surprised. I also liked the writing style, despite there being some serious topics the book still felt like a light read.

The only minpoint about this book is the fact that we don't really get to know the characters. I did got a feel of who they where, but there are many characters and I felt it difficult to really get to know them. I did like the characters, Reece is a likeable lead character and she has two adorable half-siblings, who I couldn't help but love.

To conclude: a nice and original read. The story felt kinda light and kept me reading. The only minpoints are the fact that the story get's a little too much attention and the characters and the world building fall a little bit short. That said I still really liked the characters.

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