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Grey Wolves blog Tour (#1)

Welcome to my first stop of the grey wolves blog tour. Yes, there will be two stops of this blog tour on this blog! I really love this series and I am happy to share my reviews with you and I have a great quest post by the mother of the main character. The grey wolves series is a series written by Quinn Loftis. It is about werewolves and soul mates and it contains romance, action and a great storyline.

First my reviews:
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I also have the links for you to these books on goodreads and amazon (so you can immediately go there add these books to your to-read list and buy them):
Prince of Wolves (Grey Wolves #1) you can find it on Goodreads and Amazon
Blood Rites (Grey Wolves #2) you can find it on Goodreads and Amazon
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And now here I have a quest post by Quinn Loftis from the point of view of Jacque's mother:

Hello, my name is Lilly Pierce. I am Jacque Pierce's mother. I'm sharing with you all today a
letter that I wrote her father a few years after he left. It was the last time I cried over Dillon. The last time I let that love hurt me. I never sent him the letter. But writing it helped me heal. I don't know if anyone can understand what it's like to love a Canis lupis and know you could never be their mate, but I don’t recommend it.


This is a letter I will never send you, and yet I feel I need to write it. Maybe just to get it off my
chest, or maybe because I feel like if I put on paper then I can move on, move forward with me life.Our daughter is 3 this year. I named her Jacque, after your grandmother. She has your eyes and your beautiful red hair. I wish you could know her, more than that, I wish she could know you. I have to be honest here Dillon, I'm struggling. I know that I chose us. Even though I knew you would probably leave one day. So I understand that this suffering, this broken heart is of my own making. But honestly I want to be mad at you. I have no right to be. I guess you could say I'm in one of those life isn't fair places right now. It's late as I write this. Everyone in my part of the world is asleep. And yet here I site thinking of what I wish could have been. I want to stand up and shake my fist at the world and say why? Why did I fall in love with the one man I could never truly have. I don't doubt that you loved me as much as you could, but man it sucks that it wasn't enough. Now another holds your heart in a way I never will, and was never able to.

Will that happen to Jacque? Will she have a perfect mate out there because of the blood that runs in her veins? Part of me wishes that for her. To know that there is a man out there who will love her, protect her, die for her and live for her no matter what. But another part of me hates the possibility of her falling in love with a human, only to then rip his heart out and in turn her own, when her true mate finds her.

I dreamed of you last night. I dreamed about our first date. You were so cocky, so sure of yourself. And yet I held your attention as if I was the only person on earth. We talked for hours that night. About nothing and everything. I knew there was something different about you, something wild and untamed. I remember when you took me home you touched my face gently with the back of your fingers and you said, 'if fate gave me a choice, I would chose you'. I didn't understand what you were saying then. I didn't understand the significance or the honor in those words.

I miss you. I miss the sound of your laugh. Your pessimistic nature. I miss the way you smell. I
miss the way you cocked your eyebrow at me when you were letting me know you thought I was full I don't know if you've ever experienced a broken heart. But I just want to scream. Some nights I feel like I'm suffocating, like every breath I take without you is torture. But that's what's left when the one you love so completely is taken from you.

I have to say goodbye. I don't want to, but your memory is killing me. Knowing that you are
with your mate, the woman who has the other half of your soul- it's ripping a hole inside me and I'm afraid if I don't figure out a way to let you go that hole will be there for the rest of my life. I don't blame you. I wouldn't trade the time we had for anything. And I am so thankful for our daughter. But for my sake and hopefully for Jacque's sake you have to be dead to me. You will be a distant memory, a dream that never really happened. I love you Dillon Jacobs. I hope that you are happy, that your life is filled with joy. Mine is. I know I can't lay claim to your heart. But I know that at one time I held your heart, at one time you looked upon me with wonder. I see proof of that every day in the red headed little beauty who blesses me with her life.

Thank you for that. Fate took you from me. But fate gave me Jacque and so I can never regret
the broken heart I have had to deal with. I'm letting go now. I'm letting go and I'm choosing to
smile again, laugh again and live again. So goodbye Dillon. I realize now that I can say that because although I love you, I miss you, I don't need you. I can and will be happy again because I have that choice.

I realy felt for Jacque's mother after reading it, she really had a difficult life. I hope you all enjoyed this look into Lilly Pierces life. I think this makes me understand her a little better again, and I think she is a great mother for Jacque.

And at last, please check out this site to see the other blog stops:



  1. I love this series! What a great guest post. Thanks!

  2. Thank you! I really appreciate the opportunity to be on this site!

  3. I've only read book 1 to date, but it was sooo good! Can't wait to read the rest of the series!!!



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