Tuesday, April 17

Covenant Series by Jennifer L Armentrout - Announcement

Hey guys,
As most of you probably know by now Jennifer L Armentrout, the best author ever in the whole world had an announcement earlier today regarding her covenant series.

It is actually the most excited I have ever got over an author's announcement. Actually I always get very over-excited about anything to with Jen's books but this one is amazing!

We all believed that her phenomenal, amazing, incredible, awesome (okay I'll stop) Covenant series that follows Half-Blood Alex, who's all kinds of awesome and totally kick-ass by the way, would be a four book series, ending with Apollyon.


Oh No, there will be a fifth book.

It is called Sentinel and it will be the last Covenant book *insert sobbing here*

I meant to do this blog post earlier when I first heard it but I had to do work on my dissertation, I know right real like coming before books and blogging? Where is the justice in the world? But I'm doing it now.

If you are anything like me you'll have screamed, shouted, jumped up and down and maybe peed your pants in excitement.

This awesome news could not have come at a better time as it has just made me even more determined to make this summer blog hop/tour I'm planning even bigger and better and show Jen how awesome she is and how much we love her.

So let's have a happy dance and party together as this awesome news!

We love you Jennifer, and you are indeed the most amazing awesomest author ever in the whole world.

Let's have a Covenant Party! Let me know are you excited?

PS, haven't signed up for my JLA blog hop/tour? Sign up HERE!


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