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True Connections Blog Tour + Giveaway

True Connections
Clarissa Yip

Published By: Entangled Publishing
Publication Date: February 14, 2012
Date Read: February 22, 2012
Genre: Adult - Romance
Source: Review Copy from Entangled Publishing
Format: eBook

From Goodreads:
Lia McEvil is back in town, and Max is in trouble.

Max Sheraton and Lia McEvers have been rivals since childhood. Not even the kiss that chased Lia away could make them stop fighting. Now, five years later, Lia's back in her hometown of Grant to open a new branch of her matchmaking business, True Connections--and Max finds himself in the line of fire when their families conspire for Max to make a connection of his own. Under pressure from both their grandmothers, Lia and Max embark on a scheme to find Max a suitable match, but it doesn't take a compatibility profile to tell the real connection is between Max and Lia. Between sizzlingly hot kisses that turn into tempestuous fights, their attraction turns explosive enough to break down the antagonism between them.

But Lia has a secret that's chased her home...and that may be the one thing that can stop Lia and Max from making the true connection they so desperately crave.
Wow, I definitely was not expecting to love this book as much as I did. I usually don't love novellas much as I feel like I can't get into the story as much with it being so short. This is definitely an exception to that. I loved this book and couldn't put it down.

Lia and Max have always hated each other since they were kids. They continuously made each other lives hell. But what if they are really hiding their feeling for each other? When they have to work together to please their families sparks fly and they have to come to terms with the fact that the person they have spent their whole lives hating just might be the right one for them.

One word that would describe this novella is 'hot'. It was definitely hot and I couldn't stop reading. I loved the relationship between Max and Lia and could tell deep sown that they really loved each other. All I wanted to do was keep reading to see if they would finally admit it and end up together. I loved seeing the love-hate relationship between them and seeing the jokes that they would play on each other.

I think this is a great novella for anyone who just wants a good quick read and I really loved reading it.
A great short contemporary romance that simply blew me away and had me hooked from the first page.

~ Kayleigh

As you can see from the review I really liked True Connections so I am so excited to be featured on the blog tour.
I have a special surprise for you now with a guest post from the author herself Clarissa Yip.

Finding Love

They say love appears when you least expect it. Yeah, it’s a little cliché, but I say very true.

I’m sure you can remember the first time you realized that boys were not always the enemy and your idea of showing your affection is pushing them at the playground or running away from them because you were told they have some boy disease.

And then as you grow up and experience your first kiss, you realize how wonderful love can be by the butterflies in your stomach, or the erratic pulsing in your heart, or the breathlessness you encounter by his one touch.

Then you start envisioning marriage and babies and living happily ever after.

Well…it didn’t quite work out that way for Lia McEvers…aka Lia McEvil as known to my hero Max Sheraton.

Lia saw Max as the devil—the one boy who made her life miserable as she grew up, the one she had to stay alert and on top of her game if she wanted to survive the war zone.

Until that one kiss.

Yes, kissing is obviously dangerous as is falling in love with the enemy.

Who knew cupid would pierce its arrow on the very last person she’d tried to avoid and had blamed for every mishap in her life? Now that Lia is back into town, managing her own matchmaking business and helping the unfortunate seek their soul mates, she finds herself in a tough dilemma…all because their grandmothers wanted her to help Max find a date to the party.

Maybe love isn’t the dangerous one after all. It must be relatives instead!

Lia’s grandmothers force her to work close to her nemesis…until past truths are unfolded and Lia sees Max in a whole new light…or does she see the truth of love instead?


Love is so a very complex emotion, especially when it knocks out everything you’ve believed in. Life has its funny little quirks with who you actually fall in love with and how it works.

Well, in my opinion, it’s the most wonderful emotion in the world, but seeing it through Lia and Max’s eyes, it’s definitely the most dangerous….

How did you find love? And was it as you had expected?

Share your love story and enter to win a copy of Lia and Max’s love war, True Connections!

Thank you so much for having me here!

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  1. I don't think I would necessarily say I found love. I've only had one relationship to vouch for and it was more a learning experience than true love.

    Definitely not what I had expected because I didn't even want to date the guy to begin with. But as I got to know him, I fell in love with who he was... But it's not enough to keep a relationship alive.

    email: cruz042 at

  2. I don't have a love story really but I do believe in true love. I believe it's something that everyone should have a chance to find and I can't wait until it happens for me. Nothing beats coming across an older couple holding hands and walking down the street.. or grocery shopping.. etc. It gives me hope that it really is out there.

    Thanks for the giveaway. :)
    CassMartino AT gmail DOT com

  3. I do have a wonderful love story to tell you. I met my hubs 12 years ago online and a couple things happened to bring us into the same city and it really was love at first sight. He is my best friends and the best father I could ask for, for my boys!

  4. I really liked the review & it seems like a fun read... I have had TERRIBLE love stories, so I will spare everyone from my crazy-ness LOL but I think love is a beautiful thing when it's real ;) good luck everyone :)
    Me :) @

  5. My love story is a always makes my heart skip a few beats when I think about it. My husband & I worked on an ambulance together. We began as good friends but that quickly changed to LOVE. He is My life and has saved My life. One night we were taking a patient to a hospital when a drunk hit the back of the ambulance. My husband was drivivng so when we stopped he went to check on the driver of the car. The man in the car was drunk and said that he didn't care about anything and pulled a gun out & tried to shoot my husband. My husband said that all he could think of was me sitting in the amb. behind him so he wrestled the gun away from the guy & the drunk took off running away. He saved my life that night and has been my life ever since. To this day I still get tears in my eyes when I think of it. He Is my one & only TRUE LOVE.
    I tweeted this giveaway & I'm a follower if you need to know. Thanks for the giveaway.


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