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Pandora's Key (The Key Trilogy #1)

Pandora's Key (The Key Trilogy #1)
Nancy Richardson Fischer

Publication Date: November 18, 2011
Date Finished: March 18, 2012
Source: Review Copy from Author
Format: Ebook

From Goodreads:
When everything you believed about yourself is a lie, how do you unlock the truth…

Evangeline Theopolis has nightmares about the violent deaths of women she has never met. Her single mother, Olivia, suffers delusions she can’t hide. And Malledy, a brilliant young man, may have a disease that will leave him paralyzed and insane. Their lives are about to collide.

On Evangeline’s 16th birthday her mother gives her a necklace with an antique key charm—a family heirloom, though no one knows what the key unlocks.

Everything changes. Her mom is hospitalized. Her godmother attempts murder. An ancient Order tries to kill Evangeline, and a lethal sect to kidnap her.

Nothing makes sense—especially Evangeline’s own face, which has morphed from geeky to eerily stunning; the ancient key that feels strangely alive against her skin; and the magical abilities she begins to possess.

Evangeline must use her wits and supernatural powers to fight her deadly adversaries and discover her true identity. But can she accept who she really is and save the world?

I really enjoyed reading this book, it's a great story with mythological aspects within the story so a great story for me personally as I love mythology within fiction.

Evangeline has always dealt with her Mom's weirdness, her strage behaviour and headaches but what she doesn't count on is discovering a secret sect bound to protect her from her destiny. She is a descendent of Pandora and holds the key and the power to Pandora's Box, which must be protected. Evangeline holds special powers but she is not sure she believes in them. When her path crosses with Malledy, a brilliant boy with a disease sworn to kill him, she must find the strength to believe in her powers or her life may be threatened.

I wasn't at all sure about this book at the start. I thought it was slow and I was really confused for the first 10% or so. You are thrown into this new world where mythology is read. I have read a lot of mythology books and I love them but I was quite confused with the events and things happening at the start of the book. However I kept going because I could see a brilliant story under all of the confusion.

I am so glad I carried on as once I got halfway through I could not put the book down and read the rest of the book in one sitting. It was brilliant. The second half of the book definitely surpasses the first and the action going on in the book leaves you breathless and waiting with bated breathe to find out what's going to happen. I found myself holding my breathe while reading because there were so many twists I didn't know what was going to happen. 

Evangeline is such a fantastic character. She is the reason I kept on reading even though I was so confused. I really felt for her and just wanted to jump into the book and give her a hug and tell her everything was going to be okay. I think one of the things that I loved so much about her is when she found out about being a descendent of Pandora she didn't just believe it straight away. She fought it and didn't believe it because it doesn't fit into the 'real world'. So many heroine's in modern books find out about something that in real life is impossible and they don't question it at all and that really annoys me so I loved that the lead character in this book wasn't like that.

Rafe, I love him. He's such a great character and I loved that we were introduced to him as the love interest right at the start of the book. But then everything started to go wrong and he disappeared for a while. This annoyed me a little because at the beginning of the book he came across to me as the best friend who'd loved Evangeline for years and I didn't really believe that he would have left her to deal with things alone. I felt that when she wasn't there for their 'date' then he would have tried to find her. I felt a lot more happy about the book once he came back into the story and in my opinion that's when the pace of the book started to pick up and I couldn't put it down.

Nancy is such a great author and she has a way of hooking you to the story and even though you find yourself slightly confused you just can't stop reading. I really loved her writing style and it had me racing through the book desperate to see what was going to happen. Nancy is definitely an author to look out for.
Pandora's Key is such a great book and all mythology fans will love it. You just need to look past the initial confusion and you will find yourself falling in love with the story. I loved seeing this perception on the myth of Pandora and how the myths haven't died out they have been brought into modern times passed on through generations.

A great start to what I hope will be a great mythological series. I can't wait to see what happens next.


I am not sure what to think of this book. There where moments I really liked it, but also enough moment where I didn't really like it. So overal it is an oké book, but not great. The first half of the book was a bit boring and the focus was to much on the sickness of two people. I don't like reading about sicknesses, so I have to admit I skiped some explanations. The second half of this book on the other hand was so much better and more interesting.

This book is about a girl Evangeline who finds out she is a descandant of Pandora. So there is quite a lot of mythology. The book starts with a prologue which describes the myth about Pandora. I have almost no knowledge about mythology so I was really glad the book contained an explanation of the myth.

After the prologue the focus shifts more to Evangeline and let us have a look in her normal life, some parts moved very fast, like the romance, and some parts moved so slowly. There is are also some chapters from another point of view, but in the beginning this is a bit confusing and we have no idea where this relates to the story, when this takes place etc. So I found this extra point of view to be a bit confusing and would've liked the beginning to focus more on Evangeline and only later introduce this other point of view. Later in the book it becomes more clearer which role this other person plays.

The second half of the book is much better than the first half, the focus is more on the mythology and Evangeline finding out who she is. We also learn some more about the world and I really enjoyed this part of the story. The story picked up and I find myself willing to keep reading to find out what was going to happen.

Also I found the story to be pretty short. It was only 200 pages and this book felt a bit like an introduction to the story and the world. The story and world that are introduced in this book are certainly interesting. The characters on the other hand weren't that interesting, I didn't really felt like I knew the characters. Although at the end I did became to like Evangeline more, due to some decisions she made.

To conclude: an oké book, but not great. I didn't really enjoy the first half of the book, but the second half was much better and I found myself enjoying it. I really liked the mythology in this book and the world in this book


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