Saturday, February 4

Welcome a new member of K-Books

I made a note a few weeks ago welcoming Lolita as K-Books permanent guest reviewer. Well we've had some great feedback about her reviews and I love working with Lolita, she has helped me out a lot when I have been super busy with University so I have decided to welcome Lolita as a new member of K-Books so she can post whatever she wants.
It was a pretty hard decision for me to make because as much as I love working with Lolita at the same time I was like but K-Books is mine and I have worked so hard for it. In the end K-Books will always be my baby that I started but I think adding Lolita will make K-Books so much better with different reviews and I know she will be a great addition and give a new perspective on many things.

Welcome Lolita, an official member of K-Books


  1. Welcome, hope you love it :)

  2. Nice job Kay! Welcome Lolita :)

  3. Welcome Lolita! I look forward to readin ypur reviews! You must be special if Kayleigh chose you to join her awesome blog!!

  4. I am very glad Kayleigh decided to let me join her awesome blog :). I hope you all will enjoy my reviews.


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