Saturday, February 18

Double Reviews

Hey guys,
I just wanted to leave this note and let you know what we are planning on K-Books in the future. Me and Lolita have received some of the same review books and we have some of the same books on our TBR list so we thought rather than posting each of our reviews separately we would do a double review in the same post.

My review will be posted first followed by Lolita's. I hope you will like our double review feature and we are hoping that it will give you more insight into the book as you are getting two different perspectives on the book. Me and Lolita like very different things when reading books so I hope you will enjoy our double reviews.

Happy Reading
~ Kayleigh


  1. I love this idea Kayleigh & Lolita. I look forward to reading your joint reviews. Just a question, will you be doing this feature once a month or when ever its possible for both of you can read the same book?

    Natasha @ Paranormal Goddess Book Blog

  2. Probably just whenever we can read the same book. I'm hoping to have at least one a month up but I need to try and get caught up on my review books first


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