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Dark Swan

Dark Swan series by Richelle Mead:
Strom Born (Dark Swan #1)
Thorn Queen (Dark Swan #2)
Iron Crowned (Dark Swan #3)
Shadow Heir (Dark Swan #4)

Because I haven't written a review for the first 3 books in this series and because my review of book 4 mainly consists of me complaining what a stupid end book it is I decided to do a series review of the Dark Swan series.

The series is about Eugenie who is a shaman who banishes spirits. She also is the daughter of Strom King and there is a prophecy that states that Storm King's first grandson will conquer the human world. Then there are also two people she falls in love with, the great world of the Otherworld and lots of magical creatures she has to deal with and also some mundane problems she has to deal with. All in all a very nice series, with an original concept.

Let me start by stating that I really like this series. I like the story line and what I like most about this book is the mystical world of the Otherworld, with it's different kingdoms that all have their own landscape and the Gentry that live in this world. This world is described very nice and I loved how thought through it was. I also liked seeing how the gentry reacted to human technology and how different the humans and gentry are. There are also some very nice facts about the Otherworld, like how a king or queen shapes his or her kingdom and how the kingdoms twist into another and while travelling through the otherworld you will cross through some kingdoms more than once but still move foreward.
The story is very original and I love original stories and this one is unlike most other books I've read. I like the idea of Eugenie being a shaman and the two different worlds and the prophecy that has a role in all these books. Further Richelle Mead is one of my favourite authors, I really like her writing style. The concept of this story didn't attract me at first, but in the end I decided to read this series because I like Richelle Meads other series. I am glad I did.

The Dark swan series is a great series with a great story line, but also some not so great things. I absolutely loved book 1 and gave it 5 stars, but after that I just gave the books 4 stars, mainly because I like the story but.... Well firstly I don't like Eugenie that much and what irritates me most about her is her switching between Fairy king Dorian and shapeshifter Kiyo. She starts of with one and then he does something to piss her of and she runs off to the other. And well I have no idea how many times she switched in this series, but believe me it is too much. And ofcourse those two males don't mind and every time she goes running to one of them he just welcomes her back. So in the romance department I think Eugenie makes some very stupid chooses and the two males are a bit too easily with forgiving her and taking her back.

The second thing I don't like about this series is the ending. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed book 4, but it didn't had that last book feel. There was another problem introduced and I kept checking the pages and wondering when we finally will hear about the prophecy, because that is what the whole series is about. Well I was disapointed by how this plot about the prophecy ends. I hate to say this, but it feels like Richelle Mead had enough of this series and made an easy ending for herself. So I like book 4 , but it just isn't a good ending of this series.

To conclude a great series with a good and original story line and a great world. This series is certainly worth the read. Altough I got irritated by Eugenie's indecisiveness, why can't she just choose one of those guys and forget about the other? And the last book feels like just another book in this series and like the last book.

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