Saturday, February 4

Cover Reveal: Shadows and Obsidian - New Covers

So Obsidian is being re-released in a new edition with a new cover. The Shadows cover has been re-done to match this and I have spoken to Jennifer and she has told me the Onyx cover will be changed to match these ones.
When I first saw the new Obsidian cover I wasn't sure what I thought as I loved the original cover. But now the more I look at it the more I fall in love with it.

I love them. I think Obsidian seems more serious and I love the background. How there's lightning there. Plus, focussing on the guy helps me love it too. He is afterall very yummy ;)

Shadows will be released February 21st and will be available in eBook
Obsidian will be re-released April 10th and there will be never before seen Daemon POVs.
Onyx will be given a new cover to match these beautiful new covers, to be released May 15th

So I am supposed to be on a book buying ban to save up for my post-graduation holiday to Paris but it will definitely be getting broken to get these. Jennifer is without a doubt my favourite author and considering she only has 3 books (Daimon, Half-Blood and Obsidian) out her writing has really touched me and I adore her books. I won't be able to wait for the new edition of Obsidian, I need those Daemon scenes.

So what do you guys think?

~ Kayleigh


  1. these covers look gr8, but the old ones were ok too. I have both of them but hve yet to read them. Seems to be the story of my tbr pile :)
    new follower via gfc..


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