Monday, January 2

Welcome Permanent Guest Reviewer: Lolita

Hey everyone,
So I have been swamped with review books and haven't had time to read a lot because of University and having to do my dissertation. Because of this I got a couple of guest reviewers, their reviews will be posted between now and the end of February.
But from now on we will have a permanent guest reviewer: Lolita.

When I get asked to review a book, I will be forwarding the email onto Lolita to see if she is interested in reviewing it

So please give a nice warm welcome to Lolita, a new addition to K-Books.

Leave her a nice comment as a welcome ;)


  1. Hey Lolita!
    I am looking forward to reading your reviews!:)

  2. Hi everyone! I am really glad Kay is giving me this opportunity to read and review some great books. I hope you will like my reviews!

  3. Hi Lolita, I am a fellow guest reviewer @ Book Passion for Life and it was a little scary at first but everyone is great ! I look forward to your first review :)

  4. Hi Lolita!!!! Welcome! Looking forward to your reviews ;-)

  5. Gooo Lolita! I am super proud of you!


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