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Review: Half Black Soul (Alexa Montgomery Saga #2)

Half Black Soul (Alexa Montgomery #2)
H.D Gordon

Publication Date: January 31, 2012
Date Read: January 28, 2012
Genre: YA - Paranormal Romance
Source: Review Copy from Author
Format: eBook

From Goodreads:
In the past few weeks Alexa Montgomery has had her entire world flipped upside down. She's gone from living a semi-normal teenage life to a life full of vampires and werewolves who all expect her to deliver them from the control of an evil dictator.

Alexa is the last of her kind; a Sun Warrior, and now she has left the safety of Two Rivers to search for her mother, but she's left her sister behind to do so, and Nelly is the one person that she was told that she must always protect. Kayden, a vampire who is Alexa's other half, has followed her on her journey. But, secrets are about to come out, relationships will break and danger lies just up ahead. Will Alexa be able to get through all of this and make it out alive? And, will she be able to protect Nelly from danger when she is so far away?

*Spoilers from Blood Warrior in this review. If you haven't read Book 1 you may not want to read this review.

*Squeel they used part of my review for the blurb =D

Wow! This book was definitely not what I expected at all. I really loved the first book in the series, Blood Warrior and HD blew me away with her writing and her story in that but Blood Warrior is nothing compared to this book. It is a million times better and there's so many twists and turns I was shocked at the things happening.

Alexa has left the safety of Two Rivers to go find her mother. Along with her is Kayden, her other half, the Libra to her Warrior and he will do whatever it takes to protect her. But by going on her quest, Alexa has left behind her sister. The one person she was told to always protect. Secrets will come out, relationships will break and danger lies just ahead. Will Alexa be able to face all that she does and come out of it alive? And will she be able to protect Nelly from danger when she is so far away?

I absolutely loved this book. There were lots of twists and turns and most of the way through it I was shocked by the secrets that came out. I really loved that we say a different side to Nelly. Book 1 was told from Alexa's point of view but this book was told from two points of view, Alexa and Nelly. I really loved that we had these two points of view as we really saw a different side to Nelly. The perception I got from book 1 is that Alexa has this dark side to her character and she really struggles with it throughout this book. But what I didn't really expect was for us to see a darker side of Nelly. Nelly and Alexa have always been so different and come across as one being incredibly strong and will stop at nothing to protect the people they love while the other was seen as more gentle and loving. In Half Black Soul we really see that they are more similar than first thought. Nelly is just as strong and while we always knew Alexa would do anything to protect Nelly even kill for her we see that Nelly feels the same way about Alexa.
You really see a different side to not just Nelly but all of the characters. Jackson really took a backseat in this book but that doesn't mean he is less important to the story. I was shocked to find out some of the secrets in this book and it's fair to say that after this book none of the character's relationships will ever be the same again.

Half Black Soul is really so different than Blood Warrior and it explores much darker themes than the first one. It was brilliant and the first book seems insignificant compared to this one.
If you haven't read Blood Warrior this is not a series to be missed and I would suggest this series to anyone who loves YA Paranormal Romance.
Throughout reading this book This Song kept coming into my head and I really think it's the perfect song for this book and I think it really portrays the things going on this book perfectly.
I genuinely loved this book and I cannot wait for the next book. I really think this series is going to just get better and better. HD has definitely surpassed herself with this book and I cannot wait to read the next one in this series.


  1. Awesome review Kay!!!! Finally someone able to put coherent thoughts together after the book I am calling "shock and awe"


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