Tuesday, January 24

Dusty Reads (#1)

Dusty Reads is a weekly meme hosted by xpressoreads.
This is where we feature a book that has been sitting unread for a while.
I finally decided to join in Dusty Reads because let's be honest I have hundreds of books that have been sat there unread for a loooooooooooong time.

From Goodreads:
Meet Susannah Simon: she's a typical teenage girl who just happens to be a ghost-hunter...oh, and she's also dead-over-heels for Jesse - the sexiest spook ever! But can this girl get her ghost? In "Grave Doubts", Suze has to contend with fellow ghost-hunter, Paul Slater, who gives her a deadly ultimatum. Unless she dates him, he'll send Jesse into the afterlife - for good. Paul may be totally hot, but Susannah Simon will not be bossed around. Let the games begin...In "Heaven Sent", all Suze's dreams have come true - she's finally dating the most gorgeous ghost of all time, Jesse! But when her creepy admirer threatens to travel back in time and stop Jesse from dying, Suze is distraught. Will her new boyfriend choose life or love?

I bought this book when it first came out in August 2010. I had read the first two bind-ups in this series and really liked them and I couldn't wait for this one to find out how the series ended. It's still sat unread on my shelf 2 years later. I really can't wait to read this and find out how it ends but since I read the first 2 bind-ups 2 years ago chances are I will re-read them before I read this. Hopefully I will read it this year.


  1. The premise sounds cute, but I've thought that about lots of MEg Cabot books. And unfortunately, when I finally read them, I'm more disappointed than entertained. I just wish her characters had more depth.



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