Monday, December 5

YA-Sisterhood Tournament

As you have all probably heard there is a Heroine tournament going on on YA-Sisterhood blog.

Well I just wanted to post this little something to tell you to get your asses over there right now and vote for Claire.
Claire from Morganville Vampires series is up against Hermione today and I think Claire should win. Morganville is my favourite vamp series ever and Clare deserves to win because she if just awesome.
She doesn't have magic on her side like Hermione, she survives Vampire attacks just by being smart and who doesn't love a heroine who can do it all by her intellect.

Come on guys go over there and vote Claire.

Tournament #5: Hermione VS Claire


  1. Kay! Claire over Hermione?! What blasphemy is this? lol

    I will love HP forever and ever :P

  2. Sorry but I think Claire is much better than Hermione.


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