Monday, December 12

Vote Alex!

Today Alex from the amazing Covenant series by Jennifer L Armentrout is battling it out for her Heroine Status over at YA-Sisterhood blog.
Me and a couple of other bloggers are posting today to encourage you to go on over there and vote.

Jennifer L Armentrout is one of the best authors of 2011 in my opinion and I have continuously fell in love with her writing and her characters. Want to check out my reviews of her books?

Do you love the Covenant series and Alex? I absolutely love this series and was so excited to find that not only is Alex up for the vote today but on the same day the cover of Deity, the third Covenant book was being revealed.

Want to see it?
Of course you do!

Isn't it gorgeous?
I absolutely adore all of the covers in this series and they tend to get better and better with each book. I think this is my favourite out of the three.
Not only are the covers stunning for this series but they are insignificant compares to how phenomenal Jennifer's books are!

Have you read them?
Need more convincing that all of them are MUST-READS?

Well then check out my reviews!
Daemon (Covenant #0.5)
Half-Blood (Covenant #1)
Obsidian (Lux #1)

Now do you want to read them?
Is that a YES I hear?

Well then it's your lucky day! To celebrate Alex battling out her status today, I am giving away a copy of Half-Blood!
Want to win this phenomenal book?
Well then fill out the following form for your chance. 
You DO NOT want to miss out on this book because it's just awesome!

*Giveaway is International!
*Giveaway ends the 16th. That's this Friday. 
Hurry Don't miss out!

Do Not have to follow my blog but it would be appreciated if you wanted to

You DO NOT have to vote for Alex to be eligible to win the copy of Half-Blood!
Just support this amazing Tourney and vote for who you think deserves it!

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  1. You know how much I love Jennifer's books and after reading Pure, I'm even more in love with the series. Thanks for the chance and thanks to Jennifer for donating such an awesome prize!!! :)

    Donna @ Book Passion for Life or Donna's Reviews.

  2. Jennifer is such a great person! Love the opportunity to win her book. :)

  3. You've rave over these books so much so I voted for Alex for you :)

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy!


  4. You've done nothing but scream about this author, so it'd be silly not to want to check her out. Your recommendations haven't let me down yet. Thanks for the giveaway, Kay. :o)

  5. Voted and entered! W0OHOO! though I love both><

  6. I haven't read any book of Jennifer yet. Covenant series sounds great series. Good luck to Alex!

  7. Hi Kay - I voted and entered. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. I loved Obsidian so much which means I really need to read Half-Blood soon. I've already read Daimon and really enjoyed that, so I need to make time for Half-Blood. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway. I voted for Alex, because even though I don't know her very well yet, she sounds like a fantastic character (and I don't really like Nora :D ).


  9. I voted for Alex just because you and JoJo like her so much :) Also I don't like Nora, so easy choice. I need to read these books!

    Thanks Kay!

  10. Jennifer can add me to her list of fans because I absolutely love her books!! I have read Half Blood and Obsidian and loved both:)

  11. I love this series and I am def team Alex!

  12. I've read Obsidian and Daimon and really enjoyed them. ;) Needless to say, I voted for Alex. LOL

  13. Have not read it but voted for Alex cause I know I will love Half-Blood when I get to it!

  14. Hey Kay, I've heard great things about Half-blood I'm currently reading Obsidian :)

  15. Thank you for this amazing giveaway!
    I am so happy and envious at the same time, because a few of you got to read Pure:) How is it? Awesome? Amazing? And Alex for the win!

  16. I haven't read any book of Jennifer yet. Covenant series sounds great series. Good luck to Alex!

    i voted

  17. I've never read a book by Jennifer Armentrout, but I would like to. :)
    Yay Alex!

    annag_7 at yahoo dot com

  18. You know, I haven't read any of her books yet, though I do have the prequel downloaded and on my tbr pile. Would really love to read Half-Blood; it sounds fabulous!
    Thanks for offering a giveaway!

  19. Great giveaway Kay. I really need to read this sometime, everyone seems to rave about it!

  20. Hi everyone! Alex's advocate here, just stopping by to say thanks to everyone who has voted! :) It means the world to me!

    Thanks Kayleigh for revealing the Deity cover along with the rest of us and thanks oh so very much for hosting this giveaway!


  21. Hi Kay - I really want to read Half Blood!!!! Thanks for the great contest.

  22. I have awarded you blog with the Liebster Blog Award, check out my site to see the instructions.

  23. Hmmm, went over to vote and it's closed. But Alex won so Yay for you! :D
    I haven't read the book but thanks for the chance to win it.
    I'm following YA Sisterhood on Twitter and GFC!

    Thanks again Kay!!!


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