Tuesday, November 15

New Hunger Games Cover

After seeing the trailer for Hunger Games yesterday, my Hunger Games obsession is officially back. If I didn't have so many review books to get through I wouldn't hesitate to put down the book I am reading and re-read all 3 books.
Haven't seen the trailer check it out below.

So imagine how excited I got when I found out that in the UK they are re-releasing the books with new 'adult' covers. I was never a huge fan of the UK covers I thought they were a bit weird so now I want to get these ones so bad. They are so beautiful

I absolutely love these covers I think they are absolutely beautiful and I love that the covers have the same symbol as on each of the original US covers. 
The only thing I am sad about it that they are Paperback. I would love these covers in Hardback. 
Here's to hoping they bring them out in HB too.


  1. Oh my God those covers are gorgeous. Do you know when they are being released?


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