Sunday, September 25

Note on IMM

Hey guys,
I've mentioned a few times that I am on Project 10 (P10) where I can buy one book for every 10 that I read. This is why I have not had many books the last few weeks only ones sent to me from friends and publishers. I am going to keep doing P10 until I have significantly reduced my to-read list because it is actually ridiculous. Last check there was over 300.

Well I have about 100 pages left of my 10th book in round 1 of P10 so I am going to by my prize book tomorrow. I have received quite a few books this week for bookshares, travelling books, from publishers and a couple RAKs. I will definitely be doing a IMM video this week but I am going to leave it until tomorrow so I can add the prize book in it rather than doing it now and then next week having 1 book to picture if I don't get any more.

So IMM will not be posted today, it'll be a little late but it will definitely be up in the next couple of days, hopefully tomorrow.

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