Sunday, August 7

In My Mailbox (#10)

In My Mailbox!

I bought most of the books this week but I swapped Infinite Days with Tyler-Rose, thanks Tyler =)
I also won a signed copy of The Hunt, thanks Linell

What I Read!

This week most of what I read was on Kindle.

Reviews for Fins are Forever, Night Walker and Firelight are now up. Review for Exiled will be up Monday or Tuesday.


  1. Great vlog Kay, are you going to do one every week now?

  2. yea I am.
    I was so nervous filming it I had to film it like 3 times coz i kept messing up my words lol
    I'm gonna do a bookcase tour but I have to wait till I'm in on my own or i'll end up filming it 10 times before i can do it uninterrupted lol

  3. Awww! Kay i loved the video what a great idea!! And i love your accent!!! LOL i so need to come to the UK. :)
    Your blog is looking great!! How are you liking Exiled? I love the cover art!
    And i like it when book sizes and covers match! :)

  4. Thanks Cambria, I reli love Exiled so far. Hoping to get it finished tomorrow so that I can get the review up.
    Its one of the best indie books I've read so far


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