Sunday, July 17

In My Mailbox (#7)

In My Mailbox!

This week I got quite a few books. I got a box of books from America, so a big thank you to Jojo for sending me them I can't wait to read all of them. I also got a book send from Maria so thank you =)

I also got some books of Netgalley to review.

What I Read!

After reading lots of book in the last two weeks, I ended up only reading one book this week. I haven't read for days but I am planning on starting my next book today so hopefully there'll be more in this section of the meme next week.


  1. It's always fun to see the difference between UK and US covers. What a great haul of books!

  2. thanks Wendy.
    I know I love seeing the difference in covers, they r always so different =)

  3. Great books
    I really want to read Simone's series, l have it on my shelf. Everyone loves it, hope you do too =)

  4. thanks =)
    I can't wait to read them


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