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Review: I Only Have Fangs for You (Young Brothers #3)

I Only Have Fangs for You (Young Brothers #3)
Kathy Love

Published By: Kensington Publishing
Publication Date: December 1, 2006
Date Read: June 29, 2011
Genre: Adult - Paranormal Romance
Source: Bought
Format: E-Books

From Goodreads:
Bite Me
One thing you have to know about my brother Sebastian: he loves being a vampire. He's eternally twenty-five. He's single, and frankly, he's a chick magnet. Yeah, undeath is good. The only thing he's serious about is his nightclub, Carfax Abbey. It's the sort of dark, happening spot where vampires can really let their fangs down. My brother Rhys and I have tried to get Sebastian to clean up his bad-boy ways like we did, but then he went and called us fang-whipped. Okay, Bite Boy, chew on this
The ultimate righteous reformer, Wilhemina Weiss, is on a mission to shut down Carfax Abbey. It seems the spirited, sexy-without-knowing-it vampire is working undercover as a cocktail waitress while waging a secret war to bring him down. Sebastian's A-positive he can convince Miss Goody-Vampire-Two-Fangs that nothing beats the ecstasy of a good vampire bite. I gotta tell you, the suspense would kill me—if I weren't already undead.

I really love this series. I think they are light-hearted and funny.
I definitely think this one is my favourite one of the series.

Sebastian is the bad-boy of the family. He doesn't want to find love and settle down into a serious relationship, he likes having different women falling all over him every night. Then he meets Wilhemina, his new waitress and starts feeling things he can't explain. Why is he attracted to her when he can have every woman in the club.
Wilhelmina is sent to sabotage Sebastian's club but how can she when she starts to have feelings for him.

I loved this book the most because I think the main character grows more throughout the book than in the previous two. Rhys was brooding then found happiness, Christian was grieving and then found happiness. However Sebastian didn't want to find happiness and you saw his reluctance at first then his realisation that Mina was his soulmate and he couldn't live without her.

One thing I really love about this series is that even though each book is centred on different characters because they are a family you still hear about the others from previous books so it's not the end of their story they still live on in the other books.

I loved this book, it was so great and this is definitely a series I will read again and again.

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