Saturday, July 9

Cover Reveal: The Golden Lily (Bloodlines #2)

The US cover for the second Bloodlines book The Golden Lily has been revealed.

I think this is really pretty and it fits in well with the US cover of Bloodlines.

I can't wait to see what the UK cover looks like.

Personally I don't quite understand why the cover for the second book in the series has been released when the first book isn't out yet but I do like this cover it's pretty.

I can't wait to read Bloodlines and I hope the story is as amazing as Vampire Academy.

Happy Reading


  1. I really like this cover however I'm not really interested in reading the series. I know, I know its VA related but spin-off's for me never quiet live up to what I hope them to be. :(

    Ooh and Richelle posted on her blog that they were way ahead of schedule for the cover that's why they posted it. :)


  2. aww i know i'm a bit on the fence about spin-offs but I still can't wait to read this series. I just hope it lives up to VA.


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