Saturday, June 11

Why Do I Love Dystopia? #3

The third and final part of Why Do I Love Dystopia? is by Amber I. over as Awsomesauce Book Club.

Why do I love Dystopian books? Well at first I was really unsure what "Dystopia" was and after reading up about what it meant I realized wow, I have read quite a few Dystopia books. The reason though that I really do love these books is because well its kind of a scary thing to think this really could happen to us. I am from the US and I see how crazy our government is getting (I will not get political here so please don't you either) but how close to home some of these things are. Some of the books I read I am like could something close to this happen to us if we continue. Or the books are just not far fetched enough that I could really picture them happening here. I am not sure if zombies will attack but I could see the government holding us down, lying to us and trying to make their life's better while others suffer.

Some of my favourite Dystopians are...

Hunger Games: this one is really scary to think about. Because we have seen things like this. Government using citizens and letting them suffer while they live the high life and then finally one day the citizens get tired of it and revolt.

Unwind: also scary how much the government can lead these people to believe to pretty much kill their unruly kids. I mean in the book you can see these people being manipulated into this. Such a sad sad book.

Incarceron: This is really futuristic and its really hard to explain about it in case you haven't read them. But it shows how the governement took away their technology and lied to them about Paradise/Prison.

The Host: again this is one of those, do I think aliens are going to come and take over. I am not so sure. But it shows how messed up humans are but they really don't deserve this. It makes you hope people will start acting right and appreciate all that we have and be nicer better people.

A big thank you to Amber from Awsomesauce Book Club :)


  1. Thanks for having me!! It really made me stop and look up what Dystopia books really are. I kept hearing the term but never really thought much of it.

  2. Lol
    I was like that and now I'm addicted to dystopia books lol


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