Monday, June 6

Why Do I Love Dystopia? #2

Welcome to Why Do I Love Dystopia Part 2.
This time the post is written by a good friend of mine from Goodreads, Alison
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Dystopian novels have really become some of my favourite reads recently. I think the reason I love them so much is because they tell stories of possible futures for our world which I find really intriguing. No two dystopian worlds that I have read have been the same. The Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy set many years after zombies (or the unconsecrated as they call them) have overrun the earth, is gritty, heart stopping, and gut wrenchingly heart breaking and kept me glued to the books holding my breath through each chapter hoping that my favourite characters made it to the next one! Matched was completely the opposite end of the scale whereby the society has taken over the world so completely that your job, husband/wife, and even your date of death are decided for you. Although not half as exciting as The Forest of Hands and Teeth, it sure is a read to get you thinking about the future. 

And lastly, the mother of all dystopian novels – The Hunger Games. This is quite possibly the most amazing series I’ve ever read. The concept of children fighting to the death in order to earn a lifetime of food for their family is probably the most ingenious storyline ever to have been told. Not only is the concept and storyline outstandingly good but the characters written to go along with it really are what makes these books so out of this world.

Thanks Alison for this great post :)


  1. I still need to read The Hunger Games! How bad is that :/

  2. Its very bad. they r my fave books they r amazing lol


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