Sunday, June 5

In My Mailbox (#1)

Okay, so I was going to start doing the In My Mailbox (IMM) Weekly Meme, but the truth is at the moment I haven't been buying that many books, I've mainly been concentrating on reading the ones I have, so my weekly Meme is going to be What I Read. I am going to add IMM in with it but this is kinda my own version of it. If I buy some new books I will add those first but mainly it's going to be what I have managed to read so far this week and I will post this every Sunday. Plus it helps me keep track of what books I have managed to read.

As far as I know What I Read is not a meme hosted by any other blog but if there is a blog out there hosting it please let me know and I'll edit my post :)

In My Mailbox!
Okay so because this is my first week doing this, these are the books I got over the past 2/3 weeks. 


  1. wow this is a really good idea :D you may have started something, as I don't buy every week I may have to do this :D

  2. Thanks Cass
    That's why i put off doing IMM coz when i'm not at uni i dnt go shopping a lot and don't buy books i read the ones i have so i thought i would change it a bit so that IMM is only a part of it for when i have bought books.
    I thought it would be good to have what i had read as well coz obviously i read every week coz i'm always reading something :)

  3. at least you will have time to catch up on reading :)


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