Friday, June 3

My signed bookmark.

Okay so i actually never win anything. So you can guess my excitement when I found I had won a bookmark signed by Amy Plum.
I absolutely love it but I reli dnt wanna use it incase it gets bent lol

I just wanna give a big thank you to the girls at Book Passion For Life for the great giveaway.
I <3 you guys :)

Happy Reading


  1. Thanks for the shout out Kay. So glad your pleased with it and hope you win some more stuff in the future :) Donna & Jess

  2. i hope so too, thanks for the great giveaway :D

  3. Congrats Kay!!

    I've been thinking of posting about my signed books/swag collection. I ordered a bunch of them at different bookstores across the US so it would be kind of cool to share all of the links.

  4. That would be awesome to see but i may come steal them along with ur dog ;P
    this is my first signed thing lol

  5. Oh and don't forget, you want to steal my bookshelves too ;)

    Your first signed thing?! Well then double congrats!! Just a warning though, collecting signed books/swag is addicting lol.

  6. hahahaha yea

    yes my first signed thing yey \o/ haha
    lol i know i'm getting a signed book 2. The author of Night Walker if you look at my blog archive i have the blurb up and it sounds awesome and coz i'm helping the author spread the word she's sending me a signed copy i'm so excited lol

  7. That's awesome! You're earning your keep, I will add it to my to be read list :)

  8. Hey Kay I've mentioned you in my blog today :)


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